The Top Ten Most Important Instruments to a Band


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1 Drums

I have been in band for many years and I can conclude that drums are the most important instrument, and I don't even play the drums! I don't know why guitars are at the top. I don't know if it was some biased guitar fans or what. Guitars are mainly for rock and country. If you take away the drums in a song...well its hard to know what your even listening to. Now, I have been in concert and jazz band. Whenever the drummer was away for practice, it was so hard to carry on! The drum provides the rhythm for us, and drums help you follow the song and also fill in gaps. Without drums it just sounds odd and even messy at times. I don't know one song where we didn't require some time of drum. This is coming from a trumpet player, so no biased thoughts here - dragonfly99



A band without drums will never get the crowd's love.

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2 Electric Guitar Electric Guitar The electric guitar is a type of guitar that unlike an acoustic guitar, is solid body instead of hollow. They use pickups and amps to produce sound that's audible from more than a few feet. They are mainly used in rock and metal music and in those genres are commonly the main instruments. A few notable more.

They keep the rhythm and play notes so they are the best in my opinion

People says drums are most important. Try a song without the guitar and it fits no genre. Take out the drums and at least you will know what your listening to. I listen to metal, Thrash to be exact, and those who say an acoustic fits all genres, listen to Slayer, Destruction, Exodus, or Dark Angel and tell me you could replace an electric guitar with an acoustic!

In music the most recognizable part of the song is the Melody. Drums are vital to having a song sound like its supposed to but since it doesn't play the main part/recognizable but people wont understand what the song would be as many songs can share similar drum parts. HOWEVER I personally enjoy classic rock and some rock/jazz and I can say that it does depend on what type of band. In any rock band both bass,guitar and drums and very important but the part that stands out is generally played by the electric guitar. In jazz though drums sometimes provides part of the main song not just the beat of it.

When there is a solo the first thing you think is electric guitar because you don't see drums solo because it's not sound good. Drums can be replaced with all the techno thing but electric guitars no and it's more difficult than drums you super fingers for guitars.

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3 Bass Guitar

All instruments are important, a band's not a band without a combination of instruments, but Bass is the one instrument that every good band needs. Bass lays down rhythm and establishes the chord progressions that the whole song is built on. The bass is the foundation the band is built on, and although you can't have a house without walls and a roof, you can't have walls and a roof without a solid foundation.

A great bass player can then expand from the two main roles of rhythm and chord progression and become counter melody (to the singer, lead guitar, piano, or whatever instrument has the melody at the time). Without a bass player, the melody is not part of a "band" it's just a solo with some accompaniment. If the bass line changes, even without changing the chord progression, the whole song can change in tonality rhythm and feeling.

The bass is no doubt a supporting instrument, but it's the support that makes the band a band, and not just a soloist. Electric ...more


All instruments are important, a band's not a band without a combination of instruments, but Bass is the one instrument that every good band needs. Bass lays down rhythm and establishes the chord progressions that the whole song is built on. The bass is the foundation the band is built on, and although you can't have a house without walls and a roof, you can't have walls and a roof without a solid foundation.

A great bass player can then expand from the two main roles of rhythm and chord progression and become counter melody (to the singer, lead guitar, piano, or whatever instrument has the melody at the time). Without a bass player, the melody is not part of a "band" it's just a solo with some accompaniment. If the bass line changes, even without changing the chord progression, the whole song can change in tonality rhythm and feeling.

The bass is no doubt a supporting instrument, but it's the support that makes the band a band, and not just a ...more

I don't know how is it that the guitar is second. All the people that say that a song without a guitar lost everything is clueless. Only because it have the loudest part or is the one that put the melody it doesn't mean that is the most important.
The drums and the bass ARE the most important part in a song. Drums put the rhythm and the bass put the base of the melody and the bridge between drums and every one. Yes it could be the one that sounds less. But if you take out the bass in a song you'll see that there is something missing. Even it can take the place of the drums if it is necessary.
I see that some of the people that choose the guitar talks about hard rock and heavy metal, etc. But even there where the guitar is the loudest in comparison to other styles, if you take out the bass or the drums the song crumbles. Is the base. Guitars are the noise. Being the face doesn't mean being the irreplaceable one.

P.D: And for that one that said that a solo of drums is bad ...more

This says IMPORTANT instruments, and bass Basically links the whole band together. It may not be easy to hear a bass over the guitar, but remove it and the guitar sounds hollow.

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4 Keyboard

I think that keyboard sets the mood for most band's performance

It's the best for pop and rock bands

Keyboard is awesome I play

A must in my opinion

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5 Double Bass

Double basses are the best, and definitely deserve to be #1

6 Piano Piano The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands.

I play piano, and I must say to be honest all instruments of the band are equally important! After all, you can't have a band without all the instruments! The reason I voted piano though is because most songs can be played solely by a piano, and you see piano covers of songs all the time, however I still believe all instruments are equally important! It's the musical accents, not just the vocals and melody, that can make all the difference in a song.

I think piano is the best because you can play any song you like on the piano. The only thing is that it's a bit too big... Being a pianist has also taught me to have more control over my fingers, moving fast or slow and hitting the correct key at the correct time. I'm surprise piano didn't come out as the top instrument. And I think violin in also good. Maybe second in the list.

They didn't ask why you like/don't like the instrument, they asked why it's most important in a band.

It's just a fun instrument and a starting place for all other instruments because it builds skill in your fingers.

The piano adds construct to a song. a lot of song writers begin with piano's because of its great range of chords. although not the best-est thing for a rock band, there a plenty bands that rely on it outside of rock.

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7 Clarinet

The Clarinet is the most important instrument in the whole jazz band and should not be excluded from the band at any means!

CLARINET! Because one it needs to be used more often in a band so that when it is played or seen on a stage it plays a variety of notes rhythms and has a beautiful sound this needs to be at the top! You can teach any clarinet player to play your favorite song and it is likely that would happen because they have leaned the song and the notes including the rhythms or they could play any song in the world like I taught myself how to play songs written by pop stars like Katy Perry and Taio Cruz.

My son's band instructor is developing a jazz band with interested students. My son plays the clarinet and is interested in participating in jazz. My son's band instructor told him that the clarinet is not part of a jazz ensemble. Thoughts? I told my boy to share some facts regarding the clarinet and a couple of articles like this one. In my honest opinion, back in his day, his band instructor did more tokin' than playing'.

Clarinet should for sure be at the top of the list because it is a very loud instrument that without it the band would be incomplete.

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8 Trumpet Trumpet A trumpet is a blown musical instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group contains the instruments with the highest register in the brass family.

People, the lead trumpet player is who the entire band, even the drummer, is depending on. That's kinda important. - EchoX0

Trumpet is great for solos, not so quiet as other solo instruments. Trumpets in the background also makes a band come alive, because of their bright brassy sound.

The trumpet usually always has the main and most important part of the song. If you listen to famous songs, such as the main theme of Star Wars, the trumpet stands out over all instruments (while it's playing). The trumpet is a good instrument for almost any song, and it's easy to carry around, so you don't have to worry about things like that. The notes are relatively easy to play, especially compared to other instruments, once you get the hang of it. Although drums can keep the beat, any instrument can do that as well. It may not be as efficient as a drum, but it's still does the job. Overall, trumpet it the most important instrument in a band.

The trumpet is important to the band. They can carry the melody or moving parts in the background and honestly, they sound beautiful doing either. Play correctly they have such a rich and amazing tone (especially when they players add vibrato). Plus they can be in a jazz band which all instruments can't really play in. The trumpet in my opinion is underrated and bashed in ways. It's the best band instrument and I may or may not be saying that because I play the trumpet lol.

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9 Violin Violin The violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use.

The violins are the main! Without them the music is going to sound motionless

Violin can be good for any band but it is more of a background

Very useful in every genre

It has lots of power amd is a beautiful strong instrument.

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10 Saxophone Saxophone The saxophone is a family of woodwind instruments. Saxophones are usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet.

I play the tenor sax, and with it you can play the high reed, low reed, high brass, and low brass parts. Harmony, melody, and rhythm are no problem for it, and it is great with the jazz band


I play the alto sax, and I think it is very important in my Middle School band. I play the melody and harmony all the time. It also adds more volume to the sound of the band. Most woodwinds cannot be heard, it the saxophone is very loud but not too loud. Every instrument is important, but people always underrate the sax. It deserves to be noticed.

Although all instruments are important, the saxophone is the most important woodwind. The clarinets can be hard faintly, but the flutes are not heard at all! (No offense flautists) The saxophone can play many types of music, and it comes in many different sizes. Depending on what size, it can play the melody, harmony, and bass all at once! Once again, every instrument is important, but the saxophone is the best!

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? Guitar

Guitar is the best instrument for any kind of band

I think every good band needs a lead guitar player because you need some fill in the blank spots and some flavor. The lead guitar’s job isn’t soloing all the time.only when there’s a section of the song is when lead guitar takes over. But overall the lead guitar’s job is to add some extra flavor to the song.

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11 Flute Flute The flute is a family of musical instruments in the woodwind group. Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is an aerophone or reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening.

I am only 12, I play in a band that got gold with distinction. Flutes are the best instrument because we can be in band or orchestra. We also have one of the hardest jobs in band, we keep everyone else in time and on key by playing the melody. Without the melody the song would be boring. Everyone would lose track of where they were because the melody leads the song.

Flutes lead the group on with the song you are playing. Without the flutes, the song basically has no purpose, no melody.

The flute is important to concert band, definitely. Why else would it be the flautists that sit in the front? We play the melody often, which is a whole half of the song. Flutes can be soft and melodic, almost like a clarinet, or they can be loud, staccato, and high. There's a pretty large range the flute can play. Also, it's quite difficult. Other instrument players don't realize how much air it takes a person to blow into their flute. Only half of the air you'd blow would go into it the other half would go right over the top of it. Good posture is another hard thing with flute. With oboe or clarinet, you just hold your instrument and play. With saxophone, you almost get permission to be a little slouchy they are pretty heavy instruments. With flute, however, you have to sit up straight, not rest your elbow on the back of your chair, and hold your flute straight up the whole time you play. Your left wrist will constantly be sore. Finally, you may be whacked by other flutes nearby.

Obviously flute because without the flute there wouldn't be much of a melody and besides the flute is so important because it sounds BEAUTIFUL the rest of the instruments sounds good to but flutes are soft and smooth so yea FLUTES SHOULD BE IN TOP 10!

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12 Trombone

It's my instrument in band so wish #1 was trombone.

The trombone is so lit man

Low brass is very important, probably the most important part of a band. And which low brass instrument is the best, trombone, thus making it the most important

It keeps the bass line and makes sure that the melody has something to go along with it.

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13 Acoustic Guitar Acoustic Guitar An acoustic guitar is a guitar that produces sound acoustically - by transmitting the vibration of the strings to the air - as opposed to relying on electronic amplification.

Even though most people think electric guitar is better, in my opinion acoustic guitar is more relaxing, quiet, and natural. Overall, I definitely think acoustic guitar is very important to bands of any kind.

A guitar is the most important

Extremely important in rock

This instrument can accompany in any music genre. easy to use everywhere anytime.

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14 Tuba

Not only does the tuba go very low, in the hand of a professional (like me) it could go relatively high

It is more important than every other instrument. Must be #1.

If tubas are the foundation of the band it has my vote!

Every band needs a tuba player, I mean seriously, it's practically the beat of the music! Also, the tuba goes lower than most or all instruments, so if you need to hit the low note, just point to tuba! It also is the most fun instrument to play. You get to do that awesome lip thing you did all the time when you were five. plus, not many people can get a sound out of tuba, so if you can, you should try it. Not many people do tuba, so you'd get a lot of attention from peers.


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15 French Horn

The French horn is a hard instrument. You need to have good ears and tell if you're hitting the right note. The French horn is a beautiful looking instrument. Also while having to tell if you're hitting the right note you have to be good with melody and be able to hit all you're notes. It has a very nice sound

French Horn (mellophone in the marching band) is important because it has a soft sound that you usually don't get from the other brass instruments.

The french horn is perfect, because of the sound, and the fact that you have a very high range, so you can play really low notes, but also high notes.

The French horn has a small mouth piece and it can be played in any band, orchestra, symphony, any kind. It is awesome

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16 Euphonium

The Euphonium is so underrated. Like, if you don't play in low brass, you probably don't even know what it is. It has a great range. It can play as high as trumpet or clarinet, and it can also play lower than a tuba. It also has a very deep and full sound, which is extremely important for the band as a whole, and it more important than others may think.

Literally if you don't play in low brass, your first words are going to be "what is a Euphonium? " and make the section angered at you. All instruments are important, but this one should certainly be higher on the list. It has an expansive range (Cb1 which is lower than most tubas go, all the way up to a F5, four and a half octaves, which is why it is flexible) and it plays anywhere from contrabass to alto voicing, but normally staying within it's tenor voice. Due to it's 2/3 conical bore, it makes a dark and mellow sound, compared to the inverted Baritone Horn, which is much brighter. It rarely carries the melody because most composers simply have no knowledge of the instrument. It's misidentified as a Baritone because it is rarely taught about, not even at the professional level. Its tone is very colorful, and when played correctly, you can make it out and will be satisfied with its performance.

The euphonium is great because it carries the baritone melody in a mellow and listenable way. Trombones and baritones came close in this category but they are too piercing and tend to solely carry the baritone line. While this is important, the euphonium carries the baritone line and helps it blend in so that it doesn't come out as piercing and unorchestral. The trombone and baritone may get the baritone line to be significant and regal, but the euphonium is the glue that keeps the baritone line together with the rest of the orchestra/band.

The euphonium plays so many different parts in every song, that it sort of blends everyone's parts together, making the song more pleasant to listen to overall. The euphonium's warm sound also produce a nice, strong base for the melody.

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17 Oboe Oboe Oboes belong to the classification of double reed woodwind instruments. Oboes are usually made of wood, but there are also oboes made of synthetic materials.

The oboe IS a very hard instrument to play. I've tried it before and I'll admit, it's hard. You need a kind of personality where you persevere if you have a tough time, the kind of person who will only go for an A A A. Although being a tough instrument it creates a powerful band.

Oboe is one of the hardest ever instruments to play some people take the oboe for granted when I have noticed it is a grand instrument.

The oboe is the instrument that you can pick out from the crowd in the band. It's the one that gives the band its humanity

I play oboe and it is one of the hardest instruments, and it sounds horrible on its own but it really make the band

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18 Cowbell

Listen to Don't fear the reaper, needs more cowbell! - AchillesLastStand

More cowbell! - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

It's A COWBELL FOR GOD SAKES! This should be #3 behind sax and oboe

It's a flipping cowbell use it it should be 1

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19 Harmonica

Great in blues bands and useful in some rock genres

20 Triangle

Every band needs an Illuminati

Exactly, but it is easy to play it too loud. I think it is by far the most important instrument to any band, I mean who cares about the drums or the guitar, or even *cringes* the singing. *shivers in pure fright*

Obviously the most important and hardest instrument to play in any decent rock band.

It's useful in a drum kit

21 Synthesizer

Can be very important in some genres

22 Organ

I need immediate medical attention. Someone in band 7th period today ripped out my organ and started playing it. I will die if blood loss if not attended to soon. Please hurry!

23 Bass Clarinet

It is very unique and adds depth to the band supporting the low wood winds and brass

24 Bassoon

The bassoon is a hard but nice instrument. It has a low sound needed for a good band

It is a deep sound to the band
It is needed for the low woodwinda

25 Ukulele Ukulele The ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments; it generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings.

Ukelele is actually amazing and gives great vibes

It's like a minnie guitar and has a slightly higher pitch. Very beautiful sound.

It can be necessary

Ukulele should be #1

26 Xylophone

It is most important

27 Cello Cello The cello or violoncello is a bowed or plucked string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

Very deep throated and beautiful. Accompanies the violins and give the piece a great mood/tone. All around a beautiful instrument.

28 Bagpipes Bagpipes Bagpipes are a wind instrument using enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag.

This is important for Scottish rock and metal bands


29 Percussions

The percussion keeps the tempo together.

Percussion keeps the tempo together

I agree

30 Viola

I think that the viola doesn't even belong in a marching band to began with.

31 Turntables

It's important in some types of genres especially rap rock and rap metal bands

32 Baritone Sax

Can convey the pitches of a tuba but with the versatility of the other woodwinds. It can also contribute to melody in its upper register.

It's awesome and in the bass section


33 Snare Drums

Creates the beat and add interesting dynamics

Great for keeping the beat

34 Vocals

Of coarse you need a singer! Bands have to have something other than just the music. There has to be some words in it!

35 Accordion Accordion Accordions are a family of box-shaped musical instruments of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone type, colloquially referred to as a squeezebox.

The Accordion is very versatile being both a lead polyphonic instrument and and great for accompaniment.

They Might Be Giants!

36 Sarangi

An awesome instrument from India

37 Timpani

Very important in an orchestra... Makes it more interesting dynamically and rhythmically...

38 Congas

I play it in choir. It's like playing bongos on stands.

39 Bongos

Because crocs play them

40 Piccolo Piccolo

Piccolo should be necessary to the band because it provides the higher part of the woodwinds.

Without piccolo, the band is gonna sound like an icecream without those little sprinkles. It can taste good but something will be missing.

41 Recorder Recorder

Worst instrument ever

42 Banjo Banjo

This has to be in the top 5 or at least top 10 please banjo

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