Most Important Mens Fashion Item


The Top Ten

1 A high quality watch

Is whats on a mans wrist the most important item. - plmilligan1968

Gotta have your bling, lol - Althemaster

2 A decent, smart suit

Does this seperate the men from the boys. - plmilligan1968

We can be a real gentleman with it - MatrixGuy

3 A high quality pair of shoes

Is it his feet that do the talking - plmilligan1968

4 A high quality cuff link set

Is this what catches your eye. - plmilligan1968

5 A high quality pair of trainers/sneakers

Casual footware is where its at - plmilligan1968

6 A trendy pair of jeans

Its the type of jeans what really means - plmilligan1968

7 A smart expensive, trendy tie
8 A smart shirt

Whats on the chest is best - plmilligan1968

9 Camo Pants
10 A trendy pair of slacks/trousers

The best pair of slacks really smacks - plmilligan1968

The Contenders

11 A smart jacket/overcoat

A jacket that costs a packets is what counts - plmilligan1968

12 A few plaid, flannel shirts

Woo! Along with a pair of camo pants and a mesh cap, sexay xD

13 A high quality pen

I love my mont blanc fountain pen

14 A good pair of work boots
15 A high quality leather wallet

I have a louis vuitton wallet

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