Most Important Parts of the Human Body

The Top Ten

1 Brain

They need to find a cure for seizures. It needs to be in this century.

Thinking for thinking and controlling every other body part


2 Heart

We won't love anything without hearts and we won't have any blood pumping through us so the heart is the best

You would not be alive

We would be dead

3 Head
4 Skeleton

We would have a jelly body

5 Lungs
6 Boobs

With out boobs I would not have had sex with them

Their are a lot of pretty girls with flat chests lol.

Without boobs girls wouldn't look hot.

They aren't important. Looks don't matter.

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7 Legs

We wouldn't be able to walk. - funnyuser

8 Penis

Without a penis there would be no more humans because you can't make babies without a penis or vagina. - bfdifan1111

There is no joking on this list.

Our brain, Our heart, Our everything

Penis is most imortant that's proven fact

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9 Kidneys
10 Arms

The Contenders

11 Eyes
12 Ears
13 Vagina

I think that is a important part of the human body

14 Liver

Without it you can't digest food properly and you would die soon without diaylsis

15 Spirit

In think this falls under soul.

16 Soul

This obviously the top. It is what gives us our purpose! (If we actually use it, that is)

17 Skin
18 Face
19 Nipples
20 Rib Cage

It protects our hearts

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