Most Important Qualities You Want From Your Dentist

What is the most important quality that assures you that you've chosen the right dentist?

The Top Ten

1 The Dentist's office is close to home and very convenient.
2 The Dentist's office is nice, comfortable, well decorated and clean.
3 Dentist is very gentle.

I hope getting wisdom teeth out doesn't hurt. I have one, and if I need it out out in the future, I hope the dentist who takes them out does it very slowly and gently to the point that I can barely feel it being pulled/moved.

As a child, my old dentist pulled out my baby teeth, and he did it so hard that I was out the entire time. Not cool :(

4 Dentist has all the highest technology.
5 Dentist's costs are lower than others.
6 The Dentist has a great personality. Very warm and friendly.
7 The Dentist does high quality work.

I don't need my dentist to be nice as long as they can fix my teeth well.

8 The Dentist's staff is very warm, friendly and helpful.

My childhood dentist was EVIL AS HELL! He tied me down, caused terrible pain, and pulled my baby teeth out really hard. He is a TRUE SADIST! I’m so glad he no longer works as a dentist anymore.

I want to sue him so bad due to my experiences.

9 The Dentist has very convenient hours. Open nights and weekends
10 Dentist went to one of the very best Dental Schools.
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