Most Important Thing Needed on a Burger


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1 Patty

What about a krabby patty without a patty? - Userguy44

Then it would no longer be called a burger - DrayTopTens

Beef seems pretty essential to a burger - Randomator

Who the hell wants a burger without patties? Come on

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2 Cheese Cheese

"The four elements are earth, fire, water, and CHEESE! "


This is essential - Randomator

Pro tip: Melt it on to the Patty. - Ashes

If I want a salad, I'll order one. Just give me the burger and cheese, baby. - RdrTech

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3 Bacon Bacon

The best burgers always have bacon - Randomator

This is a real conversation between me and a waiter.

"Here is your burger, sir. "
"This isn't a burger. "
"Yes it is! Everything is there! What did I do wrong? "
"There's no bacon. Send it back. " - cheesemaster

I will never order a burger without bacon. NEVER.

4 Ketchup Ketchup

Whoever doesn't add this, we need to talk. Just kidding, I respect your tastes. - Ashes

with ketchup you can take away the cheese and still alright you can take away the patty and still be actually good you can take the buns away and still be ok but if you take ketchup away it not the same - 7beach77

I can have a burger with only ketchup( and the patty) and still like it. - BigBoss

How can you eat a hamburger without ketchup. That is like un-American

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5 Pickles Pickles

all pickle lovers know what I mean


6 Mustard Mustard

Mustard is better than ketchup - darthvadern

Mustard is the main sauce of burger! - darrenlim89

7 Bread

This is the only necessary thing to make a burger. Sure a patty is also necessary, but there's also veggie burgers. I guess you consider those patties too, but still.

Without the bread there is no burger. - anonymous

8 Onion Onion

sautee onions with soy sauce and they taste good on a burger. try it out... - BEBE

9 Lettuce

Crunchy! And I like the fresh taste.. It adds up with the goodness of the entire burger.. Without the lettuce its some kind of oily and unhealthy.. Right?

10 Tomato Tomato

Tomatoes are da bomb..especially on a burger - thebigdiesel

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11 Buns

How is this not top 3? - Randomator

12 Jalapenos Jalapenos
13 Fries Fries French fries are served hot, either soft or crispy, and are generally eaten as part of lunch or dinner or by themselves as a snack, and they commonly appear on the menus of fast food restaurants. Fries in America are generally salted and are often served with ketchup; in many countries they are topped more.

Not on it but definitely with it - Randomator

Can't eat a burger without chips/fries

14 BBQ Sauce BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce makes everything better - Randomator

Not the most important thing but the most delicious thing when used with a burger

15 Mayonnaise

Don't k know why I love it when it is I'm there

16 Hot Sauce Hot Sauce
17 A-1 Sauce
18 Sesame Seeds
19 Ham

Ham without a burger sucks and so burger without a ham. Of course, there must be a ketchup. I call it hamburger. It's very delicious. - ronluna

20 Banana Peppers
21 Overeasy Egg Overeasy Egg
22 Heinz 57 Sauce
23 Salt Salt
24 Garlic

Galic is definatly THE BEST, no contest. - asome345

25 Onion Rings

Oh yeah much better than sliced raw onion.

26 Big Mac Secret Sauce
27 Beetroot
28 Doritos
29 Sausage

It's kinda ok but not the best

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