There would be no point in life without God. I don't honestly believe people can be really truly happy until they know God & have Him in there life. God guides me every day through all things. Since I became A Christian 4 years ago, I can not tell you brothers and sisters how Great my life has become. Every day I feel happy & blessed. Before I turned to God I was a non believer I lived a life of sin & crime, I had no respect or morals. I done really bad, rotten things, I had no consideration for anyone other than myself, I was self centered, stubborn, nasty. I was not a nice person. My life was empty, I was depressed & I had no love in my heart. Then some terrible things happened to me & I was at the lowest point In my life, I was hopeless & I turned to God and God helped me and got me through it all. He gave me strength & gave me faith and Hope that things would get better and they did get better. It goes to show how GREAT God's love is. Even though I was a sinner & I did terrible ...more

Oh great, the morality argument, that hasn't been debunked for sure. - VgAcid

God, He's the most important thing in life, created all things, and the one that is always there for you. If you're and atheist you won't understand, and I hope you will see the miracles everyday. Put God before everything in life, put him in number one. All the things I do are great, I pray before tests but some of my friends don't, and I got the best score in class! Thanks to God, we are all here, we can breath, have family, have friends, and have everything in life that we need. People who didn't vote God here, are just non-believers, atheists, or probably do not know God. To everyone here in this world I hope you believe in God, neither atheists or non-believers and the ones who don't know, and even people who already know God. I'm still 11 years old by the way.

It's true God is the most important and for all who don't believe in him what is your purpose in life? Why we are here if we are going to die? The answer is god our life is a journey and believing in him and loving him and having faith and if our faith in him was as little as a mustard seed as sais JESUS you will be able to move the mountains in a single word. To summarize we live to die and it is not enough to love only god and not loving our brother or sister at home or fighting with an other for money or other material stuff and all the good things we do on earth will be rewarded in heaven with God because our life does not end when we die it's just the start of an other eternal life with God.

In that case I might as well ask, what is the meaning of the afterlife. Also, the meaning of life is to make an impact on it, not be transported to magical fairy land. - VgAcid

Okay... Maybe he is important but I just believe in myself I do not mean to start a fight sorry... I just think... I believe... In what I think. That is what I make, god may be ALL THAT but... YOU created God right? Without whoever thought of gods voice God wouldn't have been God..,. GOD wouldn't have been REAL or thought of in a highly way... But, quite frankly your thoughts are the creator. You are not the Creation YOU ARE THE CREATOR! And sinning other wise known as mistakes are good in some ways because without them we wouldn't come back THREE TIMES STRONGER mistakes give us a boost but then again too much of anything is bad for everything

The whole person of a man/woman is to praise God. He created us to have a relationship with him. If we miss that we miss what we were created for. God made us in his image, but we have decided to depart from that image. People can only reflect God's image when they have a relationship. a relationship doesn't mean going to church or reading the bible. It means actually being like God, imitating him. Let us love God, and love one another, its easy to love your friend, even evil people love their friends. It is much harder to Love your enemy or those who don't like you. Lets pray for those who don't know God and all those around us. If we Love God then lets do what he asks of us in the bible. Lets stop sinning and start getting closer to him in prayer.

100% agree! Without God, we are nothing--and nonexistent. God holds everything in place--the fountain source of gravity and all natural laws, He set all these things in order. He gave us free will but our free will must be aware of these natural laws that we have to be in harmony with.

He gave you everything: Your family, love, knowledge, good times, happiness, and yourself. Nothing defeats God. He defeats evil and cares for us even if no one else does. He is very forgiving and helps you with everything you do. God blesses you and protects you in every situation. Follow the word of God and trust him, and you'll get to heaven. - ethanmeinster


The bible also speaks of eternal torture, slavery, and stoning others. - VgAcid

Making god as the most important thing is just a subjective concept. Many people who don't believe in god ( as myself ) find this unimportant and they're living a life that's equally fine. This proves as a matter of fact that putting god as the most important thing in (of ) life hasn't got any objectivity for life. It's just a subjective fantasy because god doesn't make your life. You are the one who makes and choose what's important for your life, not god ( how can a made up theory by humans decide of your life? ).

God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. He wants us to accept Christ, listen to Him as He speaks to us through the Bible, obey Him and apply His teachings to our lives. He wants us to be kind, loving, forgiving, and merciful to others. He wants us to tell others that Christ died so that all of us may live eternally. He further wants us to be joyful and to help the downtrodden.

And than threatens hell if you don't, but sure, he wants love and peace. - VgAcid

In my opinion, God doesn't exist. Just one more human explanation for why things happen. Please don't dislike this comment because this is my opinion, and seriously I was bullied as an 8 year old for not believing in God. - AnonymousChick

It's your free choice... no one can bully you into believing or not believing in God. Your beliefs are only owned by you - all humans are unique individuals. God provided humans with free will and free choice... to chose either love Him or not love Him. It's Free! Try to understand the words spoken by Jesus. Perhaps with understanding and enlightenment your free choice could evolve to love, gratitude, praise of God. No one can ever know too much - the book of Proverbs says..."knowledge is power.". The power is free for you to exercise it. Love to God, you and all. - BMJ100

Still god is #1 There are more Christians in the world than any other religion (not together). I am wondering why atheists and non believers think there is no God. Who made us and why are we going to die? Sometimes I feel like I can break anything when I see people saying on comments that God isn't real and that Christians are stupid. But I feel calm and that some atheists, like you, are very nice. - FerrariDude64

I get you. Personally I don't either believe or not believe in God; I just think it isn't in my power to know. I just try to live a good life and hope if there's a god, they will accept people into any heaven-like place based on the virtues you lived by, not your religious beliefs. - Hajj

God is always everywhere even when you sleep. I always pray to God that bad things won't happened and live a happy peaceful life. But sadly, Earth is full of sins out there and I will make sure that some others like politics and religious insults by other religions are plain dull and much more controversial. But in Heaven, there is no politics nor sins but endless possibilities about how bright and beautiful Heaven was. God is always be in our hearts if you make good deeds.

As a Christian my relationship with God through Jesus is the most important thing. I asked Him into my life 25 years ago and my life was completely transformed for good in every way. Today He remains my greatest hope, inspiration, comfort, encourager, friend, teacher - everything. Because of Him I have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to. I have peace, joy, love and confidence for today and forever

I'm serious, you wouldn't even be on this planet if it wasn't for God. Can't believe this isn't at 1.

Who you are is inescapably tied to who you were made to be. Your best destiny is fulfilling the purpose for which you were made. The question really becomes moot if you believe you were created by random events because any random result fulfils an unspecified purpose. We are living in an environment of 100% mortality if your prime motivater is not transcendent (above personal survival) you are predestined to fail. Without God our best hope is "eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you die" as the preacher said.

The point that god exists to cater to human ego, created by humans than I mind you. - VgAcid

Since when could be a unproven theory of something or someone who never showed his or its existence ( and don't give me that crap of creation and life because too many things that are really bad in this world really doesn't show us a so-called good superior force who cares for us )? It's a human believe for something better. A hope that for thousands of years still exists but never improved the world.

He created everything on this universe. H created you, he created musicians, he created love within your heart, he created other people to be your friends, God is good.

And then proceeds to torture others indefinitely in the most cruel ways possible. But, "God is good." - VgAcid

God is the most important thing in the world! He's the one who created the living things. If you feel that you're alone, Well, you are not because God is always with us. You never see him or touch him, but you can feel him in your heart. He always watching us day and night, and accompany us. That's why God is important because they are the only one who will never leave us.

I feel sorry for the people who have such a need for an external locus of control in their - someone or something to make responsible for their decisions and the bad luck that comes their way. God doesn't exist - there is not one shred of valid (experimentally verifiable) evidence for any supernatural entity including God. Wake up you weak foolish people!.

God, the creator of all, the lover of all, and the one who has given grace to those who were still enemies to him at the time he sent his son. God offered out his son into the world to be a perfect sacrifice for our sins and paid the debt of our sins with his life. We, now being under his grace have the opportunity to come to God as beloved children by living through the death of his son.

Without a true relationship with God, the others are a waste of time. If we could stop concerning outselves with all the ways to find happiness and discover THE way, life would be simpler and better for all of us.
God loves us all and we NEED to know it.

History has proven that " believing " in god was and is the main cause of wars, killings, misery etc... I don't need religion or god to be satisfied. Material and tangible things gives me satisfaction, not a fantasy who is supposed to be creator of everything ( including all the bad things, bad persons and so on... ). Since when is fantasy more important than reality?

God Opened my eyes. I was lost before but Now I see, Life is much deeper than Silver, Gold, materials, money, physical beauty, fashion, smart phones. Life is A Gift from GOD above, look deeper than the surface to whats on the inside of people & you'll find true beauty what is on the inside of someones heart. Forget man made beauty, it is the inside that counts =)

I can't believe that someone who was made up of a fantasy thousands of years ago is for some people the most important thing in their lives! If god created the humans at his image, what does it says about him and the humans? What does it says about the believers? Answer : That after thousands years there are still very dumb people!

Without the belief or faith in a supreme good many people would be lost in this world. I'm an atheist but if the belief of a god helps many people trough their lives, why should I object against that? Stop critics at people's beliefs because nobody has the right to tell people what to think.