Socrates ; Who has love? The one that is loved or the one who loves?
Answer ; The both I think.
Socrates ; But is it not possible that sometimes you love someone and you're not loved in return?
Answer ; Yes!
Socrates ; So, who has love then?
Answer ; The one who loves, I guess.
Socrates ; But without love in return he will feel sad. The one he loves may even hate him.
Answer ; Yes that's true.
Socrates ; And the one who hates has love of the person who loves him.
Answer ; That's also true.
Socrates ; So, what is the answer? Who has love? The lover or the loved one?
Answer ; By Zeus, I don't know, Socrates!

God and Love are one in the same. I just prefer to call it Love because most of the people who use the term 'God' use it in a way that implies that 'he' is one distinct being separate from any human, living thing, or literally anything else created by nature or humans.

That is what is usually implied in religions like Christianity. I used to be a part of it, but then I realized that the typical definition of 'God' according to a typical christian is far too limited to be fully true, because our minds are able to conceive something greater that COULD exists than what your average christian would call 'God.'

Let me give an example. If God and Love are one in the same, which they are, and if we humans can feel the thing known as love, wouldn't that mean we have God inside us, therefore in a sense we are ALL God, in one way or another? Yes, I'd say so.

Now, let me give another example on the flipside of that. If we were to believe that God is strictly a being of love ...more

Recently viewing YouTube videos of those who have had life changing experiences.
Those who died and went to hell say there was no love there, no fellowship of any kind. No strength to walk, talk, or enjoyment of any kind. They gasp for breath but no success. Then the pain with no comfort whatsoever. Love was not there. To reject God is to reject Love.
Then the videos of people who went to heaven experience so much love and joy it was nothing but awesome.
The impact of their experiences drastically changed their lives. They are sharing their stories. God is good and if you want good choose God.

Love has its upside and downs you have to show love to get love but it's also the single best feeling/emotion in this world, it comes in a lot of shapes and sizes but the bottom line is if you love something make sure it knows you love it

The only reason I vote love is cause I was going to vote god and I know he's going to be at the top forever but I believe you truly can't live without love. Love your families love yourself love your god and anything else you want to love.

Love is definitely something that anyone needs in love. Love is what makes the world go around, not money! Whether it's family, friends or your partner... You will always deep down love them! If you don't feel love then what is there to live for?

I thinks its love because if god didn't love us he wouldn't have died on the cross. and we wouldn't be alive right now. But then either way if god weren't alive we still wouldn't exist. But the reason I chose god is that we wouldn't have babies without god. So there would be an end to the world

How is music higher than love? I would have a husband over a new hit song any day. Think about it: most songs are actually written about love. One of the most widely celebrated holidays is also Valentine's Day. - tanakaseiron

Most powerful force in the living world which give the reason for existence! Most important need in human heart. Love order you to be nice or bad. There is nothing better than it nothing worst of it. A real paradox in human life.

Think that you are going to die tomorrow, what are you going to do with god. Love and lovable ones who takes care of you please love your parents, friends, teachers and all others you meet.

There is no higher order than pure love. You can list all other thing as subsets: God, Family Music, and then the rest. Without love, you cannot know yourself, your family, your friends. You cannot enjoy music, sustenance, or even revel in health. Love is number one.

Love is ( in my opinion ) better than anything on this list, because most of it is love. Family loves you, God loves you, music can make love, love makes you healthy, friends love you in a normal way, so yeah! Love is important for everyone! - PugLlama

It's important because it brings people together and make them happy most of the time and sometimes they even might go even farther than they think

Love is the #1 most important thing in life. If you are not loved, you lead a neglected life, with little to no joy and it would be terrible. I don't understand why god is #1 when he's imaginary.

Somewhere in this sea of 7 billion, there is a person who truly loves you. Find that someone. Tell them you love them back. Make this cruel world a better one.

Love defines everything good. Sure, not everything may be good and what someone dreams of might be another ones nightmare, but it is all relatively.

Love is more important than music. Without love, you are lonely and sad.

No idea why people value god over love! God over family? God over happiness? Even over being a good person... I guess that's why knowledge is so low on the list of values...

Love is the basic component for life. We wouldn't be where we are today without it. For all those who chose God instead of love, ask yourself this. "Do you love God? " - dylanowen

If we can save the world and change all the mess that us humans have created (Which I don't blame anybody for have done it) it would probably be through love.

I think love is the one of the best things in life is because that is all your going to have in life when you don't have any friends

I don't care if I am not in a Relationship, because I don't want to get married. Life is much easier without it (Not without Love, but without Relationship). - GirlyAnimeLover

Love is that thing which can change every bad thing into good but at the same time if that love goes out from your life it can spoil every thing.

The God of my life is real! He changes us from within. So me&you can know Him as the Saviour of our life.

There is no proof that God exists, therefore, it cannot be the greatest thing. Love however, is what controls all.