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181 Rap

We have on rank number four " music ". Rap is a form of music and maybe important for some ( that would be subjective and not objective ) but for many others not important at all. Therefore it never can be the MOST important thing IN life.

But in my life music is the very most important in my life I can't be without it

182 Street Smarts
183 Good Karma

That's the only thing you will be remembered for when you die. Your deeds. What you accomplished. The worth of your life. If you truly love what you do/ love what you do then this the thing that matters the most.

" Help yourself before you help others " ( a quote from Siddhartha guatama aka boeddha )

184 Mountains
185 Travel
186 Shooting

You people are crazy, who need shooting?! - GirlyAnimeLover

No shooting crazy

187 Beauty
188 Passports
189 Teamwork
190 H2

What's that? dihydrogen? This chemical alone has no purpose at all if it can't react with other chemicals.

191 War
192 Service
193 Myspace
194 Authenticity
195 Sunscreen

Is important if you are exposed for a long time at the sun but it's still less important than the sun because sunlight gives vitamin D. People who never go into sunlight have a lack of vitamin D in their bodies. It's also known that sunscreen will block the benefit of sunlight for getting the vitamin D. You can expose longer without being burned and getting a tan but you will lack the real benefit of the sun. Everyday a little without sunscreen is better than everyday a long time with sunscreen.

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196 Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is the first female artist to ever since Cher to get nominated by the Grammys and Emmys . In 2013, during her era on Artpop, she was chosen to perform in a concert from iTunes . more.

Oh my God! What the hell is this?

If she lives or die tomorrow it will make no difference in this world. Why? Because she's not that imoprtant for the world ( exept for a few fans but they will get over it after a while ).

197 Microbes

Thanks for beer and wine! Buddy

198 Chicken Chicken The chicken is a type of domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the red junglefowl. It is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, with a population of more than 19 billion as of 2011.

But what came first? The egg or the chicken? Maybe it's the egg that is more important. As for me, if there were no chicken or eggs on this world I could easely live without them. So, Why is this so important to you ( unless you're some hillbilly farmer )?

Chicken give me vitamens

It gives you vitamins after you killed the chicken ( since we're not talking about eggs here. ).

199 Steadfastness

Someone who is firm and determined in a belief or a position can be called steadfast in that view, like your mom when she thinks you...

200 Christmas V 3 Comments
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