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181 The Bible

What do I read there? Without the bible we don't know what death is? Death is the only giving thing that is sure in this life! I don't need a bible for that!

Without the Bible
we wouldn't know what death is

Indeed we would not know what death is.
Whoever said they know what it is and
Did not read the Bible. You learnt
It from someone way far back who
Learnt it from someone who did
Read the Bible.

182 Basketball Basketball Basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court. The objective is to shoot a ball through a hoop 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet high mounted to a backboard at each end.
183 Rap

We have on rank number four " music ". Rap is a form of music and maybe important for some ( that would be subjective and not objective ) but for many others not important at all. Therefore it never can be the MOST important thing IN life.

But in my life music is the very most important in my life I can't be without it

184 Street Smarts
185 Good Karma

That's the only thing you will be remembered for when you die. Your deeds. What you accomplished. The worth of your life. If you truly love what you do/ love what you do then this the thing that matters the most.

" Help yourself before you help others " ( a quote from Siddhartha guatama aka boeddha )

186 Computers

What do u think?! Guys - JohnPierre88

187 Romance
188 Mountains
189 Travel
190 Shooting

You people are crazy, who need shooting?! - GirlyAnimeLover

No shooting crazy

191 Success
192 Beauty
193 Hate

Hate is important

194 Passports
195 Teamwork
196 The Name of God

Seems that nobody agrees from each other wich God or religion is better in all this comments I read. Looks almost like a theological debate where everybody is yelling at each other. Can't they see that attitudes like that are the ones that started wars? For all this people I say that common sense should be your most important thing in life!

If you mean Jehovah, then yes.

Yes all 100 beautiful names (99 known)

Screw god shut up

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197 Sex

Get real. Today sex is mostly for recreational use and not having children. Yes it is fun and can be relaxing but it can rear back and turn deadly. Always wear a condom even with your wife or girlfriend better safe than sorry. I say this cause I have slept with plenty of women at work for entertainment. I am not going to think for one second my wife isn't doing the same thing everyone else is doing. So please be safe and enjoy yourself I do.

Without it, would there even be life? NO. And, it's very good.

Sex is thing that give real pleasure to every one in this world (Not only human being but Animals also).

Others: Sex should be in Top Ten

Me: *Laughter's*

Is Sex more important than Family, Friends and Health? - GirlyAnimeLover

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198 Youtube Youtube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

Totally! If you think about, it it's the first time machine ever invented, at least to go back sometime ago. You can go to any time you want, listen to the music you want, watch videos from the 20th century, you can live anywhere in time as you wish. It's a big collection of whatever humanity has compiled up to this point, the present.

I think it's important because you can see lot of archives ( in music, historical facts etc... ) that you can't see otherwise. It learns us a lot in cultural knowledge. Only flaw ; the non-stop publicity and the unusefull information that are also part of YouTube.

No, you don't but it is a form of entertainment witch is higher on the list

This is important - GirlyAnimeLover

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199 H2

What's that? dihydrogen? This chemical alone has no purpose at all if it can't react with other chemicals.

200 War
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