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21 Intelligence

LemonComputer, just because we evolved on a physical and somatic way like animals doesn't mean that we're equal to animals. We evolved on a psychologic and social manner as well, and animals just adapted themselves because of changing circumstances. I don't believe in a god-created theory but I don't believe in the evolution theory either just because those two theories can't be proven with exact verifications and therefor with no certitude. I don't have the answers to explain how life really began ( nobody does. All theories are speculative in that matter ) but I believe that animals and humans are two completely species because of the difference in the soma / psych. So, I think you're right about the evolvement but only for the physical part.

LemonComputer ; I'm talking about experience something subjective and share that information and talk about it. Animals can't share their subjective experience and certainly not talk about it. Animals act by instinct ( and I didn't say 100%! ) OR by impulsive acts to show their subjective emotions. And that's an objective fact. Second ; you're saying that we will not call ourselves animals just because of our egos? That it is like saying that dogs aren't animals just because we call them dogs? In the word animals there are obviousely categories of different species, so I don't understand your logic about that comment. We can also make categories about humans ( race, color etc... ) but it's still a separation of categories of humans and categories of animals. And about the evollving like them ( are we evolving like chickens? Or many other animal species for that matter? ). It's a fact in verifications that humans ( with all there sub-categories ) and animals ( with all there ...more

We are not animals. Because some scientists says so doesn't mean that this is a fact. Humans can experience and share their subjective experiences with other humans. Animals don't have the power to express their subjective experiences. Animals just act by instinct or by impulse. That's what separates the humans from the animals.

We're animals because we evolved just like them. Also, acting 100% on instinct only goes for simple minded organisms, which are mainly bugs. - LemonComputer

Isn't intelligence the ability to share knowledge? I voted knowledge instead. - LemonComputer

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22 Books

Knowledge needs to be accessible like it is in books. We need hard copies so when the power grid goes down we can find out how to get it back or just pass the time while it is down

We could us a kindle at the point of science


23 Confidence

Confidence is the opposite of self-hate. To set yourself free and find true happiness you must be confident in yourself and believe in your own morals.

Not everyone have confidence... - GirlyAnimeLover

its good

24 People

Its People and then Money! I don't mean just currency but broadly a medium of exchage in value. This is all you need to know. With people none this is meaningful.

25 Faith

Please stop. We get it, God is important to you, but please realize there are others here with differing views. Obviously not everyone has the same view on religion, but I don't believe that outright dismissing or even insulting them would sit well with the teachings that you've been following, so please, no self-righteous hypocrisy on here, thank you.

Faith is just another word for consolation. A consolation against the cruel reality of life. Sigmund Freud wrote in his book ' The future of an illusion ' following words "... humans can't live without consolation or faith that religion gives them. They would not be able to stand the cruel reality and burden of life. This consolation is already teached to them at childhood. But is the purpose of education not to learn how to get from childhood to adulthood? Humans can't be forever children! They need to face and learn to live one day in a hostility world, a hostility universe. You can't call this education of faith and (or) consolation in god a education of reality. I have to say that it's a necessity to impose a education of reality and to progress for that matter...every religious attitude, spiritual irrationality is an obsession and a nevrotic fact by nature..."
( From " The future of an illusion " by Sigmund Freud )

My opinion is that God, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad should not be incorporated in this list for reasons of the insane nature. Please think of the children and the influence that this will have on them, thinking that maybe this website being unpopular as it is, may at some point gain publicity.

Faith is not important

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26 Education

Education is important because it it leads to our goals in order for us to achieve what we want in the future.

Yeah, I suggest this to be over Knowledge rank defentley

Education is 29? Really?
If you don't have friends, a good family or money than education is the only thing that will never leave you.
You can live in a mansion that gets burned down the next day, but your education is what brings you back up once again.

27 Earth

Without the Earth we would all be dead.

So far of what we know, there is no other living planet besides earth so life would not exist. (I made this comment on january 4,2015).

Why is that important? It was there before you were born and it will still be there after you're gone and death!


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28 Respect

I'm convinced respect is THE most important thing in life - the foundation upon which we can build a life containing all other essentials; respect or self and ALL others on the planet.

It's not " Treat humans the way you would like to be treated ". It's " Don't do to humans what you don't want that humans do to you ". Otherwise it's like you say " I want you to tread me badly because I want to tread you badly ".

Because we need respect in our world

I have been going threw a lot but despite what I have been through I still have faith that everything will get better if I have faith

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29 Animals


Poo is not a animal but they are important because they make u happy and not all. People are vegans. also imagine a world without your pet

Imagine the world with no animals..
We would all be vegans. No pets!
That would be so, so, terrible..
My pet dog, Sirius, cheers me up all the time!

30 Yourself

If everybody should say that than nobody else would be important and if nobody's important it would mean that you're not important as well! Think about this logic fact!

Yes and I made TheTopTens a bigger web and My user wasn't out for 5 years and I already have that many followers - Jake09

You are the most Paramount thing in your life. You'll see...

Only Selfish person is like that... - GirlyAnimeLover

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31 Acceptance
32 Sport

Life is about moving

I don't like sport, but I like Meditation and Yoga - GirlyAnimeLover

What about gym?

Sports keep us fit..and it makes your body to stay strong and active

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33 Job

Why are people so dependent on jobs and money? It is so stupid. Just stop and look and what others have... Some people don't even have anything and they still survive. They find a way to live, why can't we. I understand that some people may need money for a house and kids but still, it is not a NEED it is a WANT and we could live just like people in Gallup. These people may be the poorest but they are the happiest

If a job is the most important thing in your life you must be a boring person.

I agree, Family, Life and (Insert You Third Stuff) should be above work - GirlyAnimeLover

I am very grateful because I love my job.

We do not need a job to stay alive.

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34 Democrats

Bsbdbdnsndndnns no

Vote for compassion! Vote Blue! Stay left!... Ladies!. young people! Lgbt...

Are not important, nor right. Children, liberals are evil racist people who hate America. Always vote Republican. - LordDovahkiin

35 Movies

Why didn't you just say that entertainment in general is important to you?

Total waste of time. Get a job and not working in anything to do with the movie industry. In hard times this won't feed you or keep you warm unless you burn your cd's but even then they are toxic crap.

Movies is the epiphany of beauty itself in human growth and wonders.

Movies is not that important actually - GirlyAnimeLover

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36 Making a Difference

People who are trying too much of making differences make it usual worst! The Islam ( the extremists ) are trying also to make a difference. Does that mean that they are doing right or good? I don't think so.

Why has this list nothing to do with politics or political views? Politics are part of life and some people may find that very important. ( response to the comment " this list has nothing to do with politics ". )

Then Vote Democrats! Earth care!

Put your political views on a political list. This list has nothing to do with politics! - RiverClanRocks

People always making difference about something they like and don't like - GirlyAnimeLover

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37 Good Deeds

Good deeds are a very good thing to do

Why did I vote for this whoops accidently pressed the button

38 Fun

Think about it reallyyy carefully... Fun is part of us. We need it. You'd be a robot if you hadn't (unless techonology has advanced farther than I thought)

I like fun!


And she had fun fun fun fun fun till her daddy took her T-bird away.

39 Prophet Muhammad

He was the greatest prophet ever lived, he was close to GOD, he was friend of GOD, this world was made for him, he was the man of peace, power and purity, shown unshakable resolution in the face of adversity, he was as bold as hawk, not to be wind shaken. No doubt he is invincible glorious and an eternal personality ever lived.

If you was talking about THE SON OF GOD, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST I agree. Jesus is greatest person ever live, NO ONE LOVE ME LIKE JESUS, any other man is a sinner, Jesus was pure love, he was sinless & died for the whole world to save us all.

Yes. He was the supreme human being lived on earth. All prophets praises his prophet hood in there secret books. He was truly inspirable to every one. The most generous human being lived on earth. All prophets admires him and Muhammad ( peace be up on Him) admired other prophets also, like Abraham, (friend of GOD) Noah, David, Moses and Jesus. ( Peace be up on all prophet). Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger of Almighty Allah deputed to purify all human being. He is the Prophet of all human being. The last secret reviled book the "Quran" of Almighty GOD based on 30 chapter, discloses all the prophet's life including Mohammad in details. He was the last prophet lived after Jesus. Prophet Jesus was the prominent prophet of GOD, but was not the son of GOD as new bible says. He was born to mother marry, a virgin and pious lady by miracle by Almighty. He was also not died, although GOD lift him alive on sky.

One of the greatest person ever. Ranked number one in the book listing 100 most influential persons of all time.

The prophet was the 2 most important thing

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40 Space V 1 Comment
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