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81 Patience

And still no patience? Without patience out world and society would fall apart and chaos would rule. I think it still needs to be emphasized even more in our culture.

Lol Linkin Park is above patience. This world is doomed.

People have no patience, they all only have anger - GirlyAnimeLover

NOPE! NOPE! - SwampertBABY

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82 Penis

Stupid! You are born with one. And if you will come to a certain age, what will you say? That Viagra is the most important thing in your life?

Stereotypical person, what about women's stuff? - GirlyAnimeLover

Yes you really need a penis

Not that important guys - Adventurur2

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83 Vehicles

There awesome not a lot of people own them but my daddy does he has a big blue pickup

84 Porn

I wish we could have sex in a different way...

This had caused girls to be corrupted... - GirlyAnimeLover

Porn is just a disgrace to sex and our society.

I don't like that industry ( taking advantage of young naive girls, corrupt money... ) but I'm pretty sure that if porn didn't exist there would be more rapings, sexual abuses and so on... in this world!

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85 WWE WWE World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. is an American publicly traded, privately controlled entertainment company that deals primarily in professional wrestling, with major revenue sources also coming from film, music, video games, product licensing, and direct product sales.

WRESTLING is great you learn many things from WWE like speech moves technics speed knowledge hard work honesty cheat love

The comment above or below me is false and dumb.

Lol - GirlyAnimeLover

86 Pizza

Pizza is not good want to die eat pizza

87 Loyalty

And Betrayal. Gotta choose whom to.

Like Richard Nizion and the water gate scandle

88 Peace

If you don't have peace within humans, you can forget all the above.

There are less good and more evil... - GirlyAnimeLover

It's important but it's also a pipedream. There will never be peace because absolute good isn't a existing thing. There are bad people and good people in this world ( and what can be good to some can be bad to others and vice versa ) so there will never be absolute peace in the future.

Sadly, this will never happen. No matter what, our world isn't perfect. War, disease, suffering. You can't stop it. And those are just a few of our problems with our world. - LordDovahkiin

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89 Generosity
90 Time

I agree. Time is so precious and the one thing we take for granted. I used to just stare at the second hand on the clock going around, literally wasting precious time. Time I'll never get back. I wish I were a time billionaire. - Britgirl

" A great part of life passes by while we're doing wrong in our lives. The greatest part is that we do nothing much about it. Our all life we're trying to do things not very important for ourselves... do you know someone who takes great value at time, who takes a day at his real value? Because the biggest mistake is to think that death is for the future when in reality we're dying every day a little. So, take great value at your present time... " ( Seneca, Letters to Lucius Annaeus )

Time is an illusion, The truth is that the reality is timeless, It's relative and flexible - Ananya

The one thing everyone wishes they had more of that's not money. - Randomator

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91 TheTopTens TheTopTens

Just Cause

92 Goals
93 Black Food Coloring

I can't live without black food coloring, its such a big part of my life and others


Not sure but ok

what? - GirlyAnimeLover

94 Common Sense

Seems to me that there's a lack of common sense in this world. In almost every topic on this list you see people talking about god as addition to their comments ( even when the subject is not related ).

Without it, everything is done. I can already see zombies roaming around.

Since God and Muhummad and Jesus are in the top 20, I can see why Common Sense is way down here.

Just read "The God Delusion"

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95 Masturbation

This is better than God (who doesn't really exist).

96 Clocks
97 Top Ten Lists

If they weren't, would we be here?

This website helped me let go of the painful experiences I had with cartoons when I was a kid.



98 Good Grades

They may be important for progressing with our education and getting a decent job, but it's also important not to let them rule over absolutely everything else to the point where grades put us under unbearably crushing pressure. There's always more to life than the letter A. - Entranced98

Good grades are important if you have a purpose to do something with it. As long it doesn't become an " obsession ".

Are you a teacher or a dumb preofestor? GOOD GRADES = YOU TO HELL. - SwampertBABY


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99 Blessed Virgin Mary

I can't believe the crap I'm reading! If she is the mother of god than she is the creator, unless god created his own mother? For your information, I'm an atheist.

She is the Mother Of God.

Mother Mary pray for us

I've it's a virgin how can it be gods mother?

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100 Trollface

What the hell! Who needs a TROLLFACE?

No1 needs tis

WE NEED THIS! - LordDovahkiin

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