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101 Truth

We don't need people that are telling lies


102 Soda V 2 Comments
103 Shopping
104 Heart

If you don't have heart, you wont succeed at anything in life. - kimheechuchu

You certainly need a heart. - Koolness88

This needs to be ranked higher.

Having a " heart " is just a fancy word to mean that you need to be kind ( love, forgiveness, friendship, compassion, being helpful and understanding etc... ). It's learned through education, upbringing, ethics and morals and so on. Sure, it's important but don't forget also to keep a certain degree of equilibrium, to make choices, because we're living in a hostil world. Having too much a " heart " can destroy your moral just because you can't make limits ( which will mess up your judgements about good / bad, right / wrong ).

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105 Hugs

I think that hugs are very important in life, because they bring comfort to you if you are sad and hugs can also make you feel like you are wanted!

Hugs can go as love so does kisses

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106 Community

" If we don't have it, we wouldn't be able to meet each other. We would probably be stuck. When we have it, we would be able to help each other."

107 Survival

If you don't survive, you die. Simple as that.

Citizens does not have survival knowledge (They have maybe least), tribes and villagers knows how to survive more than us - GirlyAnimeLover

108 People

Its People and then Money! I don't mean just currency but broadly a medium of exchage in value. This is all you need to know. With people none this is meaningful.

109 Space V 1 Comment
110 Adventure

To me, life is all about adventures. And by that, I mean exploring places like forests and abandoned buildings. Even if it's dangerous, it's worth it. - Catlover2004

Life is nothing but one big adventure.

111 Not Bullying Homosexuals

Agree, even though I'm Straight, but I respect LGBT - GirlyAnimeLover

I wouldn't bully them, I'm sure some of them are nice people. But their choice to be homo is wrong, and sinful. - LordDovahkiin

112 Kwame Brown

I don't know who this is but he has no votes so go for this guy yay!

Really? Who gives a damm thing about a basketball player that 80% of the world don't know? Put this ridiculous and stupid " important thing " out of this list!

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113 Dancing

When you dance to your favorite music it has the power to forget all your troubles.

Dancing relieves stress and is very fun yet hard. It keeps you challenged, happy, and healthy.

Dance is a way to express and let your self go and just have fun and see what you can do

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114 Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation. Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of Goku who, along with the Z Warriors, defends the Earth against evil. The action adventures are entertaining and reinforce the concept of good versus evil. Dragon Ball Z teaches valuable more.

Dragon ball Z is part of living it's like breathing or eating

WHAT!? D: - Mariomaster63

115 Safety & Security

Without safety there is no life no happiness

Without security there is no safety

116 Things
117 Sons / Daughters

Only if you're in a relationship, I'm not - GirlyAnimeLover

118 Internet Memes

Internet Memes aren't so important in life... Of course they can be funny and they make us happy, but they can't replace food or water.

Life is incomplete without cat pictures

Why is this here. Yes life can be complete without cat pictures. People before internet times survived

Yay, internet memes! - LordDovahkiin

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119 Dreaming

The American dream is for nobody! That's why they call it a dream. If you try too much to realize for real the American dream it will become the American nightmare!

I never get a good dream so my best dream is a nightmare

I rarely got a good dream, I only have a blank dream... - GirlyAnimeLover

120 Boys

Boys are the best things in life so I feel they should be number two

Haha, boys vote for boys, so funny. I think Boys and Girls are equal. - GirlyAnimeLover

They got girls so add boys

Girls are 18 but boys are 124 just wow - Thecyanryan

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