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121 Internet Memes

Internet Memes aren't so important in life... Of course they can be funny and they make us happy, but they can't replace food or water.

Life is incomplete without cat pictures

Why is this here. Yes life can be complete without cat pictures. People before internet times survived

Yep..I accept...Internet memes always make us laugh & Smile - mpKarthik

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122 Dreaming

The American dream is for nobody! That's why they call it a dream. If you try too much to realize for real the American dream it will become the American nightmare!

I never get a good dream so my best dream is a nightmare

I rarely got a good dream, I only have a blank dream... - GirlyAnimeLover

123 Boys

Boys are the best things in life so I feel they should be number two

Haha, boys vote for boys, so funny. I think Boys and Girls are equal. - GirlyAnimeLover

They got girls so add boys

Girls are 18 but boys are 124 just wow - Thecyanryan

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124 Chuck Norris Chuck Norris Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris is an American martial artist, actor, film producer and screenwriter. He was born in March 10, 1940, in Ryan, OK. He is famous for mostly starring in western and action movies.

Is that not the guy who was beat by Bruce Lee once?

Chuck Norris is love, Chuck Norris is life

No one is voting him because everybody konws that he is the most at all!


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125 Swag

No. Ok, I don't think we need swag to keep us alive. I think we need food, air, and water to keep us alive. Swag can go die in a fire and be left alone forever.

They're pretty good for camping, comfy.

It meant " Secretely We Are Gay ". Now it means " Secretely We Are Garbage ". A overused saying by stupid kids trying to look cool.

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126 Not Bullying Homosexuals

Agree, even though I'm Straight, but I respect LGBT - GirlyAnimeLover

127 Marriage

The institution of marriage is just a piece of paper at cityhall. The rest is a romantic irrational celebration. When two people are in love and live together they really don't need to prove their love by marriage. Sometimes it works even better because when you're married you will feel one day a sort of lack of freedom. Cheating is more common with married couples than couples who lives together without being married. I think marriage is not that important if you really love your companion.

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128 Surrenderance

That's a little bit stupid. Life is a challenge in many ways. That's why you can acomplish many things in life. Some will work out and some don't but you will only know if you fight for it. And what I'm saying here is not the same as ambition. Only if you're trying in your life you can enjoy your " carpe diem " attitude.

What if they are sensitive? Think about that. What if they were too kind to not surrender. I don't to fight, I can wait for them to die by an accident, simple as that. - GirlyAnimeLover

You must surrender to life and then you will accept it for what it is now at this moment

God will be take care of every thing if we surrender to him

Surrender to god you will get every thing.

129 Honesty

This is something that I wish our country had more of, so that we might trust one another and as a result love one another more.

It is a good thing not to lie and be dishonest. That is also lying to god.

Should be higher - GirlyAnimeLover

130 Contentment

Contentement, happiness, satisfaction, no matter how you call it, it's something that isn't perpetual. It's more a state of being you get once and a while and it doesn't exist as a concept. There are shortcuts to feel contentment ( drugs like heroin, methadon... ) but those will you give the opposite after a while and even destroy you completely but it also proves that contentment isn't a thing you will find outside yourself. So, how to reach contentment? I guess it's just random happy things that happens when you don't expect it that can give you contentment ( for a while ). Maybe you have to be Lucky to get that feeling and that the keyword of contentment is just " luck ".'s even a nice word. When you are in a place of utter contentment, very little else matters. Although the hardest part is getting there; but once you find's the most perfect, powerful, invisible force - Britgirl

Contentment is a state of satisfaction and happiness and I agree with the word happiness, I don't think satisfaction is a good word to use

131 Grand Theft Auto
132 Trust

In my opinion this is really important to me in my every day life

Can't go through life without it

I can't trust people - GirlyAnimeLover

Everybody should believe in God

133 Purpose

I agree that this is important ( I doubt though that it is the MOST important thing ). But what about all this people who thinks that god is the most important thing in life. How can god be a purpose? Or Jesus and Allah and so on? Purpose in life must and should be realistic and it seems that many people on this list have fantasy purposes.

Its necessary to have a purpose in life.

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134 Entertainment

" You are right. If we didn't have it, then my life wouldn't be happy. Only miserable"

You do not want to go to depression

135 Curiosity

It's the reason why we change, why we are who we are. It's the reason we come up with religion and philosophy - we are curious about our world. It's how we develop technology, how we collectively advance the human race. If we had no wondering of "why", we would still be cavemen. It's why we understand and value every other thing on this list - we found ways to discuss them with each other because we wanted to know "why" we do what we do and wanted to know how to make ourselves better.

I agree on your comment ( about changes and progressions ) but curiosity should always be led by rational thinking otherwise you will get the most unrealistic ideas ( who take their roots in our imagination ). Curiosity should always be together with common sense.

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136 Materialism
137 Ideology
138 Physics
139 Communication

Without communication, life is not only difficult but also impossible. We need to communicate with family, friends... Even for the smaller matters. It is the way of building relation.

It is the most important factor.
Life is not only difficult but also impossible without communication.
It is the way through which we can build our relation.

140 Wisdom

I'm shocked this isn't on here within 60 items. Knowledge is important, yes, but without wisdom it is useless, for wisdom is the effective application of knowledge, and I think a man with little wisdom and a little knowledge is greater than a man with a man with a lot of knowledge and no wisdom.

"God Please grant me serenity to accept thing I cannot change. Courage to change what I can, and WISDOM to distinguish the difference."

" Sophia " is the greek word for wisdom. To love it is the word " Philo ". Lovers of wisdom ( philosophers ) ranked so low?

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