Most Important Wars of the Past 300 Years

The Top Ten

1 World War 2

WW2. One of the few wars where it's clear who the good guys and the bad guys are. Think about the situation... Exciting to imagine but definitely not fun on the battlefield!

Nukes invented, end of impearlism, start of cold war, Good vs Evil, end of Depression, USA becomes a superpower for the first time ever

2 World War 1

End of the Ottaman Empire, German Empire, Decline in many other big empires,

Very important. American revelution shouldn't be this high.

3 American Revolution

Start of the greatest country ever

4 Russian Revolution
5 Cold War

Not really a war but important for science and freedom

6 U.S. Civil War

End of Slavery, First Modern War

7 Napoleonic Wars

First Huge War in Europe

8 Korean War
9 French Revoultion
10 War on Terror

The Contenders

11 Boer War
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