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First use of modern paper: this replaced stone, slate, papyrus and vellum as a cheap and convenient medium. - MatrixGuy

We used paper all the way up tell the 1960's.

I like paper :3

22 1939

1st of September. Nazi-Germany invades Poland, and Great Britain and France proclaims war against Nazi-Germany. This is the date when the 20 year peace ends and the second World War starts.

23 1968
24 327 BC

Empire of Alexander the Great reaches into India: the first example of a long-term and often violent interrelationship between Europe and Asia. - MatrixGuy

This was the year the internet was made by the almighty cat lord meowerz.

25 1996

They used to play Nirvana in the radio

26 2004

I was born that year - naomi

I was born this year

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Praise Jebeebus



28 1517
29 1918

This was the year that albert einstein bombed china!

30 1998 V 1 Comment
31 2002

Year of the world cup

I was born that year

Born this year

One of the best RPGs came out this year and it was TES III: Morrowind

32 1974
33 1973

The US leaves Vietnam, the UK joins the EU and Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' is released. - JamesNicholls

34 1991

Indian economic reforms which is why India is the fastest growing major market today; dissolution of the Soviet Union; internet creation; the Japanese asset price bubble which Japan is suffering from till this day and last but not least the end of the Gulf War.

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35 1977

Most influential year in pop culture. And on top of that list...Star Wars, baby!

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36 2006

I was born this year

Another world cup

37 2020 V 2 Comments
38 1545
39 1958

When Australian aboriginals could vote

The Indigenous people got voting rights in 1967 so do your research - coolguy101

And Michael Jackson was born

40 666

Is when he devil come

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