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21 1968
22 105

First use of modern paper: this replaced stone, slate, papyrus and vellum as a cheap and convenient medium. - MatrixGuy

We used paper all the way up tell the 1960's.

I like paper :3

23 1939

1st of September. Nazi-Germany invades Poland, and Great Britain and France proclaims war against Nazi-Germany. This is the date when the 20 year peace ends and the second World War starts.

24 327 BC

Empire of Alexander the Great reaches into India: the first example of a long-term and often violent interrelationship between Europe and Asia. - MatrixGuy

This was the year the internet was made by the almighty cat lord meowerz.

25 1996

They used to play Nirvana in the radio

26 0

Praise Jebeebus




27 2002

Year of the world cup

I was born that year

Born this year

Born this year DA...

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28 2004

I was born this year

I was born that year - naomi

29 2020

I am going to college this year

Home to a whole month of 4/20


30 1517
31 1918

This was the year that albert einstein bombed china!

32 1998

Ocarina of Time came out.

33 1974
34 1973

The US leaves Vietnam, the UK joins the EU and Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' is released. - JamesNicholls

35 1991

Indian economic reforms which is why India is the fastest growing major market today; dissolution of the Soviet Union; internet creation; the Japanese asset price bubble which Japan is suffering from till this day and last but not least the end of the Gulf War.

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36 2005

Two words: Hurricane Katrina! - imacg4

I was born this year

37 1977

Most influential year in pop culture. And on top of that list...Star Wars, baby!

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38 2006

I was born this year

Another world cup

39 1901
40 1545
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