Most Inconvenient United States Cities to Live In


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21 Honolulu

It sucks because this is all the public sees in it. They don't know about the messed up traffic, or the occasionally screwed up surf. I still don't understand why there's always beach bums. Don't live in Honolulu, unless you are super patient, but even then you can flip out after a while. It really doesn't take much to become super pissed off at Honolulu. Just visit it for a couple days or so and it'll be a decent experience. But moving here is a dick move considering how you're constantly stuck in traffic that makes you want to smash everything.

It's better to visit than live in

You have to take a boat/plane to get to another island.

22 Phoenix V 1 Comment
23 Kansas City

Who wants to worry about getting shot any and everywhere they go?

V 1 Comment
24 Atlanta

Georgia is the most underrated place in the U.S.!

Atlanta is the greatest city on earth! Where do you think Coca Cola comes from?

25 Flint, Michigan V 2 Comments
26 San Antonio
27 Nampa, Idaho
28 Topeka
29 Little Rock
30 Barrow, Alaska V 1 Comment
31 Austin
32 Juneau
33 Jackson, Mississippi
34 Camden, New Jersey

Has no money, failing in every way, one of the WORLD's most violent places, and overall the equivalent of hell on Earth.

Horrible place to be

35 Janesville, WI

Really totally dead town redneck heaven

Suckish town. Too small and boring. Traffic lights suck.

36 Dayton
37 Eden
38 El Paso
39 Boise
40 Pittsburgh

The hills make travel take three times as long as it has to be. Constant construction that never is finished, every time there is a slight wind the power goes out, constant water main breaks resulting in no running water or electricity, then they close the only bridge for 50 miles around so the detour adds another hour onto the commute. On top of all this, pittsburgh doesn't coexist with the county, but most people live outside the actual 50 sq mi center, so the people who rely on pittsburghs resources don't pay any taxes to the city. - Bturlik

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