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England, or the kingdom of England, is one of four countries located within the United Kingdom. It united with Scotland and Wales in 1707 as Great Britain, and later Ireland in 1801. English is the primary language of England and one of many official languages in the U.K


The only reason the US is even on this list because it has a massive population that is way too patriotic, thinking they invented everything, we (i mean british here) invented the most used and most influential things in the world, and gave birth to the greatest scientists, sports, musicians and of course the language, which thanks to Hollywood (the only thing Americans really have to be proud about) is spoken in space and in practically every other country ever filmed in. We had the fore most powerful Empire on the Earth, which thanks to that gave birth to great countries like Australia and probably even Canada, who Americans abuse way too much. And, even though I know people are gonna go against me on this, but we made the US the power it is today...how? World Wars, if we didn't join we wouldn't have exhausted our power, which meant countries could ask for independence and we could do nothing about it, but how does this effect the US? Well, if we didn't join, they wouldn't have ...more

America stands tall in the world because she is standing on Britain's shoulders: The Magna Carta; Habeas Corpus; Common Law, The English Bill of Rights; Parliamentary Democracy. They all underpin America and the American constitution - England even supplied America with the technology to silence US nuclear submarines and the Aerospace technology for the US air force to first break the sound barrier" I won't embarrass Americans by mentioning that England supplied America with the world first electronic computer in 1947 which America went on to claim they had developed in 1952 although England invented it 10 years earlier to break the German Enigma code during WW2 - #JustSaying

England has the best history. They ruled the sea and the most powerful country of them all. They shaped the world we know today. They saved us from 2 world wars, with the population to this day of 53.01 million.

England also is the birth place for the most famous writers of all time J. K Rowling, Lewis carol, Charles Dickens and many, many more. A British man named Alan Turing made the very first computer in the second world war. It was also home to the most smartest famous people of all time such as: Robert Stephenson, Isaac newton and many, many, many more. The history of kings and queens is huge. They to this day have one of the strongest army's. They to this day rule the sky. They made almost all the inventions you use to this day. They also have the best University's such as Cambridge, Oxford and more. The Britannia empire is still to this day an amazing beautiful country. I myself have been their several times and love it their. The people are courteous, knowledgeable and ...more

Largest Empire ever and kick started the industrial revolution. Also invented a heck of a lot of things and is a leading nation in litrature as Shakespeare was English. England has also contributed a lot to the music industry with singers such as David Bowie and Ed Sheeran. Also, England has been a leader in the modern world for science as things like the steam engine and the computer have been invented in England. Also a lot of communication technology has been invented in Britain, with things such as the World Wide Web and the phone (invented by a Scott but still GB). Britain is also the 5th largest economy in the world, catching up to Germany to be the richest country in Europe. Britain also "invented" the United States of America which is the most powerful country in the world at the moment. Britain contributed a lot to the world wars as a major power of the alliance and helped invent the atom bomb in the Manhattan project. These are some reasons I think England is the most ...more

Despite being from England myself, this is not an answer based on bias. To put it simply, the past 200-300 years have been the most impressive, important and astonishing years of human development. The country that truly kick-started it all was England.
Without the industrial revolution, there would be no fast travel, no medical facilities, no electricity and the moon would still be a far off dream.
Not withstanding, England commanded the largest empire this world has ever seen with over 1/4 of the population of the globe being, at one point, controlled by our empire.

Historically, it has to be UK! Created the most essential language of the world, discovered some of the world's now most powerful and richest countries - how much more influence can we have?

They almost rule half of the world during her glorious years - tonistorks

Its not even close, this the country that gave the world everything, plus it was the biggest superpower the world has ever seen. No country will ever again have control over a quarter of the worlds land mass. No matter whether its science, music, the arts, sports, business Britain is still a world leader. In the course of human history there has been many great civilizations, but none have effected our lives like they have. Do not forget you are only reading this article because some clever Brit invented the internet

What language does the USA speak? Not American. English.

Almost everything in MODERN society from industry, agriculture, law politics, literature, the military, computerization, entertainment can be traced back to Britain. The country gave the world a very broad set of values such as freedom of the individual and fair play that, although abused, still stands as a rough guide to how a society should be run. Not forgetting its gift of the universal language of English. I am Norwegian and have no bias.

As a country don't talk about England but Britain. It is not England but Britain that made the modern world. The industrial revolution began here, Capitalism began here, Governance through mass participation began here, Almost every modern scientific theory (Newton, Faraday, Darwin, Tim Berners -Lee, Fleming, Francis Crick, Paul Dirac) not to mention the engineers and of course Shakespeare, etc. What country has given more to the modern world that Britain? The world as we know it is the product of Britain, For good or bad no country in human history has influenced the world more. The USA is after all nothing more than the product of a people who drove its concept of equality before the law. Lets be fair Washington himself said "he was and always would be an Englishman".

Great Britain is an amazing country that continuously punches above its weight. Amazing culture, people, musically gifted, economically powerful, fantastic at science, art and literature. First true democracy, first country to have a constitution (magma carts) and the rule of law. Created the most sports and the rules. The first country to industrialise, the first country to have a police force. Incredible people and very smart to.

The shining pinnacle of humanity. A people that have defined the world we live in. Never again will such a small country effect the entire world in such a positive manner. Far from perfect, however many countries globally heavily influenced or even controlled by the British still to this day maintain framework out in place before we left. The Americans with always lithe Britain as they will never match it.

Incredibly biased author. While I also agree that England is arguably the most influential country in the world, I believe that this can be stated without degrading the United States. It is also important to take into account that not all Americans are the way that you described them, 'Christianity is the only right way- everything else including science was wrong and punishable, and if you speak out against their 'founding father' or whatever which were basically a bunch of terrorists and murderers and warmongers who brainwashed the minds of the delusional against the Empire for nothing then you were marked scum who should be humiliated or sentenced to death'. I am not American and I know that there are many Americans who exist that are n ot. l i ke. t his. Thanks.

England by far is the most influential nation in the world... Only a fool would say its not.. Without the industrial revolution we would not have the technology we have today. The largest empire for over 300 years. Great music the rules if fair play. The Magna Carta, parliamentary democracy, common law... You could go on forever. Without England the world would look and be a very different place today and not in a good way.

Well, I am voting for england not simply because it existed for several hundreds of years but instead because it was the single most entity that have ruled more than 52 countries in the entire world. If we simply take some examples of such colonised countries they were Usa,India,most of the African countries and east Asian countries. The history of all this country whether there future course of action or other matters where entirely destroyed and was created by the British. In the case of America a entire different people and there style of constitution with having power for people to take action (militia) cannot be seen much in other constitutions and as for the case of India they have been changed from a mideval level developed country to a modern country with every development one can hope forin 190 years. This includes railways,education system, medical knowledge etc. Qand also it later resulted in creating worlds largest democracy that was created with the influence from ...more

We invented everything we took advantage of are times we were and I say we're very aggressive which was the world that we lived in be killed or kill we are looked upon as the world bullies but really we were just the worlds best any nation takes advantage of any other the strongest survive and we were the cleverest and strongest and as for the yanks what bothers them the most as what made them who they are thanks giving and all that founding fathers they were all originally us

England has a queen and we have a royal family, we always get in the world cup. Also there's beautiful British weather and guess what we've got posh accents. We have the coolest city in the world London. I must say we have got brainy people in the country. And there is plenty of nice people in this country

The British Empire covered a quarter of the globe, almost a third of it's then population, and was comparable to the size of the moon. England created the modern world. Vaccines, sewage systems, the World Wide Web, Newtons laws, almost every modern sport, and the television were invented in England. Also, the USA would not be a huge superpower without England-it pretty much created the US too.

The mother of the modern world. Very intelligent people, musically gifted, scientifically gifted, creators of common law and the Magna Carta. A true democracy and mother land of Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand. Proud and brave people who have given the world So much...pretty much kick started the 21st century. Without this little island our world would look and be very different.

Despite its population size it consistently competes with the US, China, Russia, and India (all much larger countries) both economically, militarily, and culturally. London just capped NYC as the most economically powerful city and on a minor note it also beat Paris and NYC as the fashion capital of the world.

This country is awesome & deserves only to be one of the top on this list. Their influence is staggering. They shaped our world and introduced so many things we take for granted like the industrial revolution and still is a world power

It gave birth to the us one of the most powerful nations on earth gave birth to Australia on of the safest countries on earth and was the first country to speak English the most used language on earth while I do have many problems with this country right now and its history it is by far the most important country in starting the modern world

If I were to even attempt to list all of the English inventions, English historical figures, English musicians, English literature I would be here all day and still wouldn't have a completed list. We started everything, we are the world. I'm glad that it's England listed above, rather than the UK. England doesn't need Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, but they need us. They use our currency, language, royal family etc. America will always be in our shadow, for we are England, powerful England. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

For such a small country to become the worlds first and only hyper power is amazing and has a very involved government, for example they have the NHS (free health care) the BBC (free T.V.) and a public service for practically everything. Plus there at the middle of the world map