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Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, also known since ancient times as Hellas is a country located in southeastern Europe.


If there is 1 "good" category where Greece deserves to be 1st, then this is the one. Most Influential country in history hands down, and really you can remove all the others from the list, there is no competition. That's how much important Greece is. Without her (and the Italian renaissance afterwards) the rest of us would really be like thousands of years in the dark. Anyone that thinks the opposite, is simply uneducated and needs to go back to school. And no I am not Greek.

As Great Britain and The Unites States of America both show up higher on this list it is safe to say with out Greece they would not appear on this list at all as the influence, the inventions and innovations of Greece has itself created the entirety of western civilization. Without the development of democracy modern government would not exist. Without geometry and astronomy modern science and mathematics would not have come into existence and therefore no industrial revolution and no moon landing.

Greece in his history made 5 global empires, ! The greatest is that Greece stops all the barbarians come into Europe several times, Greece was always in the right side of the history!

No western country would even possibly exist without Greece. Greece invented Western civilization. Enough said

Not nowadays, of course, but talking historically, yes. Greece, Italy, then Portugal, Spain and then France, and finally, England and USA, in that order. By the way, that is not "in the world" but in the west

Greece, is the most influential! The world runs with Greece's achievements! The people of ancient Greece lived nearly 4,000 years ago. Yet even today, their culture impacts our lives! We received many gifts from the ancient Greeks, and we should respect and acknowledge them! The largest accomplishment the Ancient Greeks did was that they developed, and introduced Philosophy, Literature, theater, poetry, music, physics, Beauty pageants, astronomy, laws, Mathematics, and just about everything to the West, and to the whole world, which is the basis of their own cultures today. Greece should be first without a question!

The cradle of the western civilization, the pioneers of the modern world in architecture, arts, music, philosophy, democracy and that is more than 2.000 years ago!

They created an aspect in everything that we use today, even the words that I am typing right now!

Greece is who people owe the things they take for granted today. Democracy is the most important example, because without it, we would not even be able to express ourselves freely. Also, education and its essence were both developed in Greece and so did most arts (Architecture, Scupltures, Pottery, Poetry, Literature, Histioriography etc.). Science was also developed in Greece, with most important fields being Mathematics and Physics. In addition, most developed countries right now speak a language with obvious influences on vocabulary (12% of the English vocabulary has Greek roots), pronunciation (as the Greeks first developed vowels), speech structure (they first talked about the simple sentence of Subject-Verb-Adjective) and grammar (most tenses and grammar phenomena were either directly or indirectly borrowed from the Greeks). It is believed that the Industrial Revolution would have taken place almost 2,000 years earlier by Greece (the were working with steam engines, imagine! ) ...more

Greece is the first country ever. By level of underdevelopment.

Greece is by far numero uno! nothing was moving in terms of civilization until the Greeks appear to master what we all know and enjoy today as wells share with the world and that's math, astronomy, medicine, philosophy and I can go on and on. Today we can look and say the US is leading in a lot of areas in technology or take England with the Industrial Revolution but ask yourself how did they get there? who was the catalyst of their inventions, their foundations came from none other but Greece. Well think about it and look into an English dictionary you will find over 60% of the words come from the Greeks and that says volumes about that little but magnificent country. Greece is number one hands down please bow your heads and pay your respects we would all be living in caves if not of the ancient Greeks.

Greece is the root of global civilizations today and underlies almost every single thing we do in our lives. From democracy and philosophy to music, cinema, and theatre. From monsters and leaders to freedom and love. From whole cities and buildings to cars, weapons and boats. From our names to our souls. This is Greece

Really? If Greece or India wouldn't exist, people would still live on trees!

Greece is the most influential by far! Pretty much every aspect of our lives started and was developed there.

Greece has set the base for nearly everything right now. Most fields in science, technology, medicine, linguistics and art date back to Ancient Greece's time.

Alexander the great would turn in his undiscovered tomb if he knew that u chose england and usa as first. Shame on all of you...

Even our language is merely Greek!

Easily the most important country throughout history, sciences would not be possible to evolve without the mathematical greek alphabet and language in general, too bad few can speak it.

#40? Come on people! Everything worth a damn started in Greece

Greece is the mainstay of history. The start and the end. Everything we know or we do today, came from them

Without Greece forget western civilization England america etc.

If you just see that such a small country as Greece is in the top 7 of most influential countries you understand a lot

Greece gave us democracy and they shifted the world power to the west. Case closed.

This votes are crap. After I typed this topic into goolge, I discovered this in google search. It is really weird to vote USA on top or England on second. It is not like, that those countries have influenced the world with totally new technolegies. They just improved them. What is Japans best thing to do. For me it is a race between The Roman Empire, greceland, Germany (in modern influences), Egypt, Assyrian. Because they discovered and influenced new technolegies and the way to them the most.
And Greek should definitely be first. I don't know what stupid persons are voting here, but I am stupid myself to go here...

The Greeks influence the whole western civilization with their ideas of government, poetry, philosophy, mathematics, science, and amazing Epics such as the Iliad and the Odyssey. How can they not be #1? And let's not forget about Alexander The Great who helped spread the Greek influence throughout the ancient world when he was alive.