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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


I shamefully admit I voted for two countries. Italy and USA. Great Britain is mighty but I have to stop at some point. I pick USA because it's the most powerful nation in human history and is the leader and protector of Western civilization. It was the fist nation to be founded on the principles of liberty; a splendid libertarian experiment of gargantuan significance in the annals of human history. I don't think this can be repeated enough. It IS the quintessential entrepreneurial, cutting edge society. There's a spirit to America I can't quite place my finger on. I see it everywhere I go. People will claim America's culture is superficial - and to this they may have a point but the country is only a couple of centuries old. But in that time frame it changed the course of history - but I feel there's depth (outstanding music, inventors and intellects, wonderful food, wicked sports culture, jaw dropping metropolises, vibrant and engaged political debate open FOR ALL TO SEE, great ...more

Technology and media has created a world where everyone is connected. The United States dominates in this area housing corporations such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Hollywood is also found in the United States which produces films viewed by billions of people around the world each year. That is influence.

From a military stand point the United States is the most powerful country in the history of the world. Its m4 carbine with its small profile and high rate of accuracy means that the Americans are equipped with one of the best rifles in the world. The Bravado, M60, and Mk43, Light machine guns used by the American armed forces are some of the best 308 machine guns in the world. The 300 win mag and Barret 50 caliber sniper rifle are very accurate and deadly. The Americans also have some of the best training in the world as it takes over 2 million dollars just to get one soldier all the way through basic training and equip them. The US Navy Seals are also highly trained and some of the best soldiers in the world. The M1a2 Abrams main battle tank has only one equal found in the British challenger 2. America also has an large fleet consisting of several aircraft carriers. The United States also has a large nuclear arsenal. America has also developed a new improved version of its railgun ...more

The most powerful, largest economy, influential culture and the most capitalist nation the world has ever seen.

The United States is so incredibly young compared to Greece, Italy, Egypt, China, that I have no clue how a country so young like the United States could make it as first. The United States is for sure the most influential country in the past two centuries, but, there are countries that are thousands of years old, by that, I mean culturally, because countries like Italy have only been unified for less than a couple of centuries, but, Italy dates back centuries before Christ.

The United States is the most powerful and influential Country ever known to mankind. The Usa has Never been Defeated in a war, the only war we ever came close to being defeated in war was the Vietnam war and that is largely due to the public having distaste in the war and therefore it being abandoned slowly. The USA is the leader of the free world today and stands at the forefront of the UN. not only is the USA the most known nation on earth but it is also the leading economy, and leading military. The USA is basically the police force of the world, and not only that but we have easily some if not the most innovative technologies ever, including but not limited to The telephone, the Cellphone, the communication satellite, Television, Cable Television, The internet(what your on right now), the Artificial Heart, the polio Vaccine, The photocopier, The jukebox, The refrigerator, The remote control, the Smoke detector, The Videotape, The microwave, the electric guitar, the dishwasher, ...more

The US has developed a form of government based on the best of the past forms of governing from previous world powers. It may not be a perfect way to govern, however, the world has never known a more free and inclusive governing system and society as the US democracy. For all the "nay-sayers" of the US way of life, I implore you to look back in history to find a more free way of life than what the US has today. Rome, China, Persia, Greece, even British monarchy. None of them come close. I am proud to be an American and always will be.

The reason America is the most influential is mainly because of the fact that we are still such a young country. We've only been around for a few hundred years, yet the entire world looks to America for so many things. I've traveled the world enough to especially see the cultural impact America has made. Also, people strive to accomplish what we have. We are the biggest governmental experiment that happened to work just right... Besides that we also are the center of entertainment for the entire world. Music, television, movies, and such are all American yet shown commonly throughout the world. Pretty much we are the bomb

Entirely wrong. The United States would be nothing without the UK. The same applies to modern society across the board, around the globe. Basically everything humans do in a modern society was pioneered by English-speaking peoples. The UK deserves the top spot for influence, indefinitely. They made the modern world, and we've all embraced it. The United States is simply a fledgling nation that has experienced phenomenal success early on. It's position as a 'superpower' is only 50-60 years old, and it's not likely to last the century. Trade blocs will dominate the future, and I don't see the US being a prime target for any potential bloc's roster. The Commonwealth, Asia, Africa/Europe, South America...no local nation cluster would need the US if they developed and thrived with their neighbours instead of struggling to buy US products and services or begging for US attention and aid. The US will mainly be left behind because they're arrogant beyond reason. Their trade empire could ...more - JoLeSi

The car, the plane, the internet, the ideology that all men are created equal. The first country to and only country to as of yet land on the moon. It has only declared war once for the sake of its own independance, but has won every war it has participated in, and acted as a powerful ally in every conflict even when in the end its foe emerges victorious. Invented the nuclear bomb, the phone, the smart phone, the computer, all the things that have shaped modern day society. The United States of America may not be the oldest nation on this list, but just in the time its been here it has completely changed the world, whether you believe it for better, or for worse.

The Smelting POT of the World. The United States holds the Free-World together. Without the influence and power of the United States, the rest of the World would have long fallen into the hands of a Dictator or Communism. The World likes to point out the faults of the United States, but without this lighthouse of freedom the rest of the World would be speaking German or Russian and making a living by scratching for potatos in Siberia. Like Jerry said, "England can kiss my ass! "

Americans are by far the most corrupted people in the world. They are British colonists who found a nice area and decided to make use of it. All their films are a form of propaganda. Think that they are the best but they are actually the worst. Don't deserve to be in this list.

The Most Influential Country on the Planet! - Nirmal1991USA

Number one without any doubt. The US Declaration of Independence and the unsurpassed explosion in technology driven by the US are unparalleled in human history. No doubt without those who came before it would not have been possible, but the US combined the best of the West and made pure human gold out of it...

How on earth are the US at number 1? Power does not mean influence on a long term period. The US have not been for long enough to be considered as influential as the UK, Italy, Greece, France... That's where civilization was built and developed. The US have only been influential for the past decades and that's it. The impact it left on society is negligible even if you include fast food.

There are only a handful of places on our planet where you cannot get a product or service that originated from the USA. Virtually every website that has popular usage came from the USA. Nearly every country in the civilized world shows American made T.V. shows and movies. No other countries culture is viewed by people all across the world everyday. No other country can claim any of these.

No other nation that exists or has ever existed has had so much influence on people and governments across the globe in human history.

We, one of the weakest countries in the world at the time, beat the best country in the world in the Revolutionary War and won our independence. Then we beat them again in The War of 1812. No offense to the British, England is a great country. The wars are behind us, and now we help each other when needed. The USA is easily the most influential country in the world. - Alpha101

Whilst I agree that America has been the most influential over the last hundred years or so, in terms of the history of the world, America has done nothing

A shear numbers game, really. The United States has the power to enforce its will upon other nations, but wields that power with great restraint. Economically, The US is the standard, the measure of comparison for which other countries stack up to. But, when the world goes to war, and all looks bleak, when St. Peter looks down and says: "Getting full up here! " Who does the world call for help? Not the Ghost-busters... Nope. The call America (and America answers).

I understand OP's position and why he gives his home country the 1# spot. The UK is the founder of the Anglosphere. There's no shame in it. They are the sole reason for the United States being in existence. But what he fails to understand, is that the US is the most DOMINANT cultural influence since Ancient Rome. I say that because we've mastered globalism and popular culture ON A GLOBAL SCALE. American English is the predominant, world language...not theirs. We made English our own and outsourced it worldwide. British territories learned British English at the barrel of a musket...the world learned American English because we own world culture.

There isn't a grain of sand, not the highest peak, not even in the fringes of space - that isn't influenced by the USA. The British Empire conquered nations - The American Empire conquered the world.

America is by far the most for people reading this list now. Let's kind of forget about history America almost sped up evolution with the thrust for power and innovation. They were the first to imply free democracy.

The whole of Europe and part of Asia is above the US lol- only Americans say otherwise because they don't actually know any other country exists On a whole the most ignorant country in the world and it houses some of the most stupid people in the world as well :/

Why England (British Empire) is the most influential country in the world in the history. Can Britain can do such thing like the USA. Great Britain invaded only 1/5 of the world, but McDonalds literally invaded 120 countries (3/5 of the world) alone and it still invading other countries.

The influence on the world is undeniable. No country has done so much in a relatively small amount of time. Culture, science, government, anything you can think, of Americans have made a huge influence. England deserves to be first but the U.S is unquestionably second. Even the fact that everyone around the world knows what the US is, proves it's influence. It would be extremely difficult to list all of this country's accomplishments, and take many months in order to create a comprehensive list. AMERICA HAS CHANGED THE WORLD. For better and worse, no ones perfect, but 95% for the better. We are mind-blowingly innovative!

How can you say usa is the most influential! Without england your country wouldn't exist.