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21 Tony Dungy first African American coach to win the Superbowl
22 Magic Johnson Contracts HIV
23 Michael Jordan wins NBA Finals on Fathers Day for the first time since his dad died
24 Usian Bolt Breaks the World Record In the 100m
25 Wilt Chamberlain vs. Muhammad Ali

The fights that were hyped between the two guys were simply amazing, it was great. - Undertaker15-0

26 Mark Messier's 1994 Stanley Cup Game 6 Guarantee

Where is St├ęphane Matteau's double OT goal vs the Devils in 1994?

27 Franco Harris' Immaculate Reception
28 Tiger Wood's infamous Hello World press conference 1997

This bold statement showed his confidence and dominance over the rest of the PGA tour...10 years later...still doin it

29 Joe Louis Beats Max Schmelling

A win for the country and the world, the nazi regime would have became more powerful if Scmelling won. This fight changed history and lives.

30 Maurice Richard makes new stepping stone in hockey history 50 goals 50 games

50 goals in 50 games in 1946, nobody touched this record for close to 40 years!

31 Billie Jean King Defeats Bobby Riggs
32 Mark Messier promises a win then scores the winning goal
33 Leo Barry Marks in The Last Second To Win The Premiership For Sydney 2006 Sydney VS West Coast
34 Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean receive perfect 6.0s and win the 1984 Gold medal
35 Death of Dale Earnhardt
36 Jimmie Johnson Wins 5 Titles in a row
37 Mark McGwire Hits 70 Home Runs in 1 Season

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was before steriods... before Bonds... when you could still be a hero to a little boy and he wouldn't question you for your victory. This was one more of baseball's glory moments. - AlexConley

38 Yuvraj Singh Hit Stuart Broad for 6 Consecutive Sixes In An Over

first time in more than 200 year old history of internation cricket. When such a feat achieved at international level between two test playing nations. - tayal5001

39 Zidane gets red card 2006 Germany
40 Greece Wins Euro Cup
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