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21 Dead Poets Society Dead Poets Society

An amazing & inspiring film! Williams plays the role of a professor who really teaches & cares for his students. Students should be able to think for themselves & get to share their voices. He taught the students to see things from different perspectives. Teaching should be more open than as restricted as it is.

Deserves to be in at least he top 20. Brilliant story of a teacher who shows its more than just a job

The movie gives you the goosebumps. Never watched something so inspirational.

Probably the best movie I have ever seen!

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22 Titanic Titanic

A movie for all time. The way it has touched my heart no other movie did before. This has to be the no. 1 of this list.

I know this movie is greatest. It holds the record of earning highest money until avatar but it earned such money around 20 years before avatar. But its not one of the best inspirational. It shouldn't be in at lest top 30.

Ah! So sweet, adorable and cute. Just watched it for the first time ever great romantic movie, love story, classic, and ( NO OFFENSE) oldISH movie, watch it right now! GO

This movie teaches that true love is beyond the death

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23 Freedom Writers Freedom Writers

Overall inspirational movie! Should at least be in the top ten!

Best. every teacher should watch

Though I loved a lot of the movies in the top ten ish I believe this one should be there to... It's an amazing film. Oh my it's amazing

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24 Big Fish Big Fish

A classic! Some might think that this movie is too far fetched, but the story is told through the eyes of a child and his imagination of his fathers stories, brilliant movie!

I love how this movie puts more emphasis on how you feel than what you are

For me the Bible of beauty, pureness, magic and humanity!

My oh my, this piece will enthrall you all your life!

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25 Up Up

Best animated movie ever, a story about journey of life and achieving what you dream when you are very close to the end of life and its almost over and you have nothing to loose.

This movie is inspirational. its about a man that goes on a adventure to go to paradise Falls. The boy found a dog that talks with a device and the boy is also a Boy Scout. I think that movie is cute.

This movie is great, one of the best Disney movies

Love with a vision.

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26 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Ace Ventura: Pet Detective V 1 Comment
27 Groundhog Day Groundhog Day V 1 Comment
28 Casablanca Casablanca V 1 Comment
29 The Dark Knight The Dark Knight
30 Unforgiven Unforgiven
31 The Secret Life of Bees The Secret Life of Bees

This movie is about love and growth! Love it!

32 Coach Carter Coach Carter

This is most convincing movie of change I had ever seen

Amazing movie awesome it made me cry

Carter was a wonderful man that's all I can say.
a great movie to watch

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33 Field of Dreams Field of Dreams
34 Lawrence of Arabia Lawrence of Arabia
35 The Green Mile The Green Mile V 4 Comments
36 Radio Radio V 1 Comment
37 A Beautiful Mind A Beautiful Mind

This movie is very inspirational... Its about John Nash, probably the best mathematician of 20th century. The movie is about his life and how her wife helped her... Surely boosts you up after watching, very good movies for science students.

Great and very inspirational movie so far I have watched, that tell you that tell you man with a mind of very serious problems could turn to be noble prize holder with keeping his focus on real things and avoid fantasies..

Captures the heights human beings can reach in the face of profound struggles when surrounded by a loving community.

Most inspirational movie

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38 Almost Famous Almost Famous
39 Back to the Future Back to the Future V 1 Comment
40 The Terminator The Terminator
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