Top Ten Most Inspirational Movies of All Time

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41 Reservoir Dogs
42 Schindler's List

Defiantly the best movie ever made. Period.

Powerful, moving, and a must watch for generations for to come.

One of the great inspirational movies I had ever seen..

Oskar Schindler, Can never forget this name
This is the only movie that almost made me cry

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43 Billy Elliot
44 Soul Surfer

Love it! She is my absolute hero. Also like dolphin tale. Never seen rocky, but mom, I'm her hero, calls me rocky. Love the blind side. Watch this movie, read the book, and follow your dreams! Sorry, got kinda cheesy!

When I was watching this movie I thought this is going to be a shark movie like Jaws and Megalodon but it turns out to be a true story of girl who lost her arm in a shark attack. It's also inspiring to see amputated people have skills. Screw Jaws! I'll recommended it.

One of my favorite movies! AnnSophia Robb is my favorite actress! Why is this only 46 on the chart? It should be at least top 15! I mean come on, its about a girl named Bethany Hamilton that lost her arm in a shark attack, and continued to surf and follow her dreams of becoming a pro surfer!

Love it she is such an inspirational person and will always be my surfer hero

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45 Black Hawk Down

Required watching for everyone who lives in the U.S.A. and therefore benefits from the heroism of our military.

46 The Matrix

A movie with several layers depending on your own awareness. "Now tell me, the red pill or the blue? "

Great movie, great work by director

47 Casablanca

My absolute favorite movie of all time

Just watch this movie

48 Lawrence of Arabia
49 Toy Story 3

I just loved the Toy story trilogy.

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50 Dead Poets Society

An amazing & inspiring film! Williams plays the role of a professor who really teaches & cares for his students. Students should be able to think for themselves & get to share their voices. He taught the students to see things from different perspectives. Teaching should be more open than as restricted as it is.

Deserves to be in at least he top 20. Brilliant story of a teacher who shows its more than just a job

The movie gives you the goosebumps. Never watched something so inspirational.

Probably the best movie I have ever seen!

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51 Boys Don't Cry
52 Gladiator

GREAT MOVIE! Inspirational with a Capital I! Especially how he sees his family in the end in heaven and how he fights in the colosseum for freedom! Russel Crowe is Amazing in this!

Hans Zimmer's Soundtrack and Lisa Gerard's voice is the first thing to be mentioned in this immortal masterpiece of art, then the final outcome of it; Emperors are watching slaves killing each other while other slaves are enjoying watching it - this is the world's story till now!

I'm surprised seeing this movie here at 18th rank. this is sad. if there is any movie ever that has shown the real face of war, anarchy and ancient politics more closely, this is it

Russell crowe... The name says it all...

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53 Hotel Rwanda

A clarion call to stand up to evil. I always melt when the woman working with orphans tells the manager, "they are targeting the children".

That scene when they're driving down the 'bumpy' road just made me feel sick

54 Gran Torino

Unbelievable acting in this film from Clint Eastwood.Truly a to watch before you die

55 12 Angry Men

It's a very old movie but never mind... go for it! It's an awesome movie!

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56 Die Hard
57 The Simpsons Movie

This movie proves that if we don't protect the environment, we'll end up domed like springfield in the movie.

58 Glory

This is the most moving and inspirational movie of all time. No arguements

59 The Exorcist

In my opinion, this is a movie that will scare you out of your mind so much that morals will be brought back into humanity again.

Greatest scare movie of all time.

60 Life of Brian
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