Top Ten Most Inspirational Movies of All Time

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41 Schindler's List Schindler's List

Defiantly the best movie ever made. Period.

Powerful, moving, and a must watch for generations for to come.

Its one of the best movie I have ever seen.

Oskar Schindler, Can never forget this name
This is the only movie that almost made me cry

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42 Rain Man Rain Man

Really good movie! Dustin Hoffman at his best!

Best drama movie I have ever watched

43 Battle of Britain Battle of Britain

This was the story of how the RAF managed to repel the superior Luftwaffe assault on Britain to mark a key change in the war. Hitler's "Operation Sea Lion" was a failure thanks to the brave RAF.

44 Happy-Go-Lucky Happy-Go-Lucky V 2 Comments
45 Grosse Pointe Blank Grosse Pointe Blank
46 Three Fugitives Three Fugitives
47 Reservoir Dogs Reservoir Dogs
48 Glory Glory
49 Billy Elliot Billy Elliot
50 Soul Surfer Soul Surfer

Love it! She is my absolute hero. Also like dolphin tale. Never seen rocky, but mom, I'm her hero, calls me rocky. Love the blind side. Watch this movie, read the book, and follow your dreams! Sorry, got kinda cheesy!

One of my favorite movies! AnnSophia Robb is my favorite actress! Why is this only 46 on the chart? It should be at least top 15! I mean come on, its about a girl named Bethany Hamilton that lost her arm in a shark attack, and continued to surf and follow her dreams of becoming a pro surfer!

Excellent. Film. Love. This sweet. Girls. Walk with. The. Lord. Very. Brave. Courageous. No. Fear. Great. Movie. One. Of. The. Most inspirational. Films. Ever. Godbless. Her. And. Her. Beautiful. Family. Their. Testimony. Is. Remarkable. Godbless

51 Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down

Required watching for everyone who lives in the U.S.A. and therefore benefits from the heroism of our military.

52 The Matrix The Matrix
53 Gran Torino Gran Torino
54 Hoosiers Hoosiers

Any athlete would agree with me

55 Gladiator Gladiator

GREAT MOVIE! Inspirational with a Capital I! Especially how he sees his family in the end in heaven and how he fights in the colosseum for freedom! Russel Crowe is Amazing in this!

I'm surprised seeing this movie here at 18th rank. this is sad. if there is any movie ever that has shown the real face of war, anarchy and ancient politics more closely, this is it

Russell crowe... The name says it all...

I think that gladiator desrves firs place couse russell crowe is awesome actor not just that, this movis is so inspirational I mean in this movie he plays a man who wants to be with his family but unfortunately his son and wife were killed by royal soldiers and after that he was fighting in arena for his freedom but in the end he dies by killing the king..

56 Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3

I just loved the Toy story trilogy.

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57 Hotel Rwanda Hotel Rwanda

A clarion call to stand up to evil. I always melt when the woman working with orphans tells the manager, "they are targeting the children".

That scene when they're driving down the 'bumpy' road just made me feel sick

58 12 Angry Men 12 Angry Men

It's a very old movie but never mind... go for it! It's an awesome movie!

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59 Boys Don't Cry Boys Don't Cry
60 Die Hard Die Hard
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