Top Ten Most Inspirational Movies of All Time

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81 Life of Pi

Enthralling story about never giving up.

THE BEST MOVIE EVER. Should be placed on number 1 spot!

Picturesque.. it will take you a journey of a lifetime!

82 The Lion King

Superior coming-of-age tale that deserves more credit in this list.

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83 Erin Brockovich

Love the story... A mom who will do anything and everything for her family and neighbors...

84 Creed

True to the Rocky story and spirit, can't wait for the next one!

I don't know frankly why this movie is here.

This is a great movie


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85 8 Mile

This film is amazing mainly because Eminem is in it and it also inspired me to write my own rap lyrics and express my feeling and thoughts through them.

Eminem is there! It tells everything...

Realistic portrayal of the grind that is living in poverty while trying to rise up against all odds, where its easier to just give up on a dream. Gritty.

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86 Crazy Heart
87 The Milagro Beanfield War
88 The Miracle Worker

I just watched this in school, loved it

89 Lagaan

What is this about

"Best movie on Leadership".


One of the best movie ever made in the history of Bollywood cinema

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90 Field of Dreams
91 Moneyball

This how its made, best music and acting

92 Spider-Man: Homecoming

Worst serious of spiderman movie.

93 Whiplash

Its not just a movie, but an experience. It should be felt, rather than watch. Story of a drummer and his teacher. Beautiful. And inspiring movie.

At par with "The Pursuit of Happyness"... See this movie, whenever you feels down and stressed. Pretty inspirational

If you love music, you will understand the movie

This movie shows the audiences the result of putting toughness to someone could be two ways,

Either become something great. Like Buddy Rich.
Or just let it go. Attempt suicide.

Now the question is, was that master good or bad? - zxm

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94 My Left Foot

Daniel's masterpiece must deserve in the top 5
Where glory is over rated

95 Zootopia
96 Courageous

Beautiful movie that will make you laugh and cry, what a journey... the love... brings me closer to Christ

Movie is amazing

97 Sing
98 Philadelphia
99 The Best Years Of Our Lives
100 Norma Rae
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