Top Ten Most Inspirational Movies of All Time

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81 Psycho Psycho
82 Creed Creed

I don't know frankly why this movie is here.

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83 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

For christ sake this movie is more inspirational

I think this movie will always have its own niche audience, you have to be a dreamer to appreciate the beauty hidden.

Love this movie. Has inspired me to move forward. This is a must see.

Dream big and you will get there

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84 Pay It Forward Pay It Forward

... Sincerely, this movie made me the kind hearted being I am... It is a movie every household must make their child (ren) watch, and I have never been more hopeful that we would have a great world where we watch not just for ourselves but for one another. MOVING!

With such a story up your sleeve and some brilliant act, no accolade can be denied.

This movie should close to top of list with the message it gives to viewers. Shame we don't live in a world where this is freely done by EVERYONE. Only reason it isn't near the top is because it wasn't a hugh exspensive costing movie to make.

This movie should be at the top of the list. This movie change my life

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85 Into the Wild Into the Wild

Happiness is real only when Shared!

Into the wild is a movie based on the true life of Christopher Mccandless who after graduation leaves everything behind and sets on a solo journey to Alaska. On the way he meets many people, finds aswers to many questions and lives his dream just the way he wanted. Very inspirational especially to travellers. Must watch!

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86 The Miracle Worker The Miracle Worker

I just watched this in school, loved it

87 Erin Brockovich Erin Brockovich

Love the story... A mom who will do anything and everything for her family and neighbors...

88 Life of Pi Life of Pi

Enthralling story about never giving up.

THE BEST MOVIE EVER. Should be placed on number 1 spot!

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89 The Lion King The Lion King

Superior coming-of-age tale that deserves more credit in this list.

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90 Crazy Heart Crazy Heart
91 Lagaan Lagaan

One of the best movie ever made in the history of Bollywood cinema

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92 My Left Foot My Left Foot

Daniel's masterpiece must deserve in the top 5
Where glory is over rated

93 The Best Years Of Our Lives The Best Years Of Our Lives
94 Courageous Courageous V 1 Comment
95 Patch Adams Patch Adams

A movie that points on that love is the greatest gift that you could give to any one.

Besides Braveheart this is a film that you must watch.

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96 Furious 7 Furious 7 V 1 Comment
97 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
98 Norma Rae Norma Rae
99 Warrior Warrior

One brother, a war hero who is struggling after leaving the Army, pinned against his detached brother, a school teacher struggling to make the payments on his home, fight their way through the most prestigious cage fighting tournament only to face each other in the final match.

The move that you want to watch over and over again..

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100 Whiplash Whiplash

Its not just a movie, but an experience. It should be felt, rather than watch. Story of a drummer and his teacher. Beautiful. And inspiring movie.

If you love music, you will understand the movie

Aha.. just love for this movie. J.K Simmons, deserved and won the Oscar. What more to root for?

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