Top Ten Most Inspirational Rock Songs

I chose these songs based on, obviously, how inspirational they are to me. I use the term inspirational to describe songs that make me feel glad, make me want to do something good, or help me carry on through the troubles of life.

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1 Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

this song really is inspiring... as what the title goes, if only we don't stop believing.. then for sure, we will not go wrong... thanks to the composer of this song.. I'm sure you've touch a lot of lives since this was aired..

I love that song. I love journey overall. I think this is a really inspirational song. Wanna hear a story? OK, so I'm in band in my school. I was at open rehearsal for clarinet day. Our instructors for clarinet day are Summer and Andrew. I was frustrated with the tonguing so andrew told me don't stop believin, like the song. So, me and Amanda (My friend) was all like I love that song! This was friday and I just love that moment! It's so inspirational!

It tells the facts of life that people will fail, and people will succeed. But in the midst of failure or accomplishment, it emphasizes perseverance. That's why I Love this song.

Guaranteed a big smile on my face as I sing along loudly to this great classic tune always!

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2 Dream On - Aerosmith

It has to be at number 1. I can't stop hearing it! Sing for the laughter, Sing for the tear, Sing with me now as if it's just for today, May be tomorrow the good LORD will take you away

Dream on. A phrase repeated over and over by parents, teachers, and friends alike. Aerosmith took that phrase and created an amazingly inspirational and emotional work of art.

The greatest power ballad EVER. This song inspired me to learn guitar, and reminded me to DREAM ON. - rockerchic18

Most amazing vocals, mad screams, song full of nostalgic references about past. Perfect song perfect lyrics

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3 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Green Day

Its something unpredictable but in the end is right I hope you vote this song to top 1

Honest and straight lyric

This isn't a inspirational song. It's a giant f you song to someone


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4 Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Just love this song still! Super inspirational especially when watching with Rocky in the background! Makes me feel like I could do anything, as the lyrics can be taken so many ways, not just for sport competition but also for emotional 'rivals'. Love!

No song can motivate people to fight their hardships in life than this very true motivational song...according to me this is the first and best motivational song ever...this song given in stallone's rocky has the ability to change anyone's heart from coward to courageous to battle his awful life with true inner spirit

This song gives you the power to not be afraid of fighting for what you believe in, and this is a quality the world is in dire need of.

Helps one to trudge ahead into unknown danger.

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5 Won't Back Down - Tom Petty

I grew up to this song, pure brilliance

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6 We Are the Champions - Queen

When life brings pushes you down you get up and keep going, we are the champions. One of the most powerful songs

We are the champions, my friends *period*.

Super inspirational for any sport teams!

Should be 2nd

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7 We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister

Don't let anyone push you around. This song makes me feel like I can stand up to anyone. If you don't feel like that after listening to this, then... I don't know. But you should feel like that.

8 It's My Life - Bon Jovi

This should be in top 10.. This song describes how to pursue what our heart desires.. Really inspirational.

Great song, should be #1

9 Out In the Fields - Gary Moore & Phil Lynott
10 The Final Countdown - Europe

Come on, this is number 6? The tune is amazing, much better then the same boom boom pow of queen's we will rock you. Awesome song people.

This song inspires one to action and adventure. Plus, it's pretty freakin' awesome to rock out to.

Quite inpiring, boosts up our spirits

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? Right Now - Van Halen

Don't waste time and put things off - boii

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11 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

How is that at only #8? It informs us that there are two paths we can take and that we can change the road we're on. It tells us to go our own way.

Anti-commercial message (though it has made them rather a lot of money) - pye

Best song of all time.

You know what's funny? When you listen to this song backwards, it's the complete opposite of the title. Search it up.

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12 I Want It All - Queen
13 Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas

I'm a young business owner and I find it empowering having my elders as my mentors

I liked that one although I don't listen to this kind of music..

This is the theme song to life itself and it literally is the embodiment of not just living a normal life, but a fantastically badass one where you never give up on anything because you're a badass. BOM.

Great song love it hits me in feels every time

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14 Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Free bird... From beginning to end you can hear INSPIRING in those sweet solos... I want this to be played in my graduation, starting slowly, a dance, to end with everyone going wild.

It is the background music to the American history. It touches everyone.

Simply the best from the best band ever, listen to other songs like cheatin woman and I need you genius I love freebird I will leave this world to that song Ronnie, Steve, cassie and Dean R.I.P.

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15 In the End - Linkin Park

Um... I don't really get how this is very inspirational, maybe something to bring people back to reality with great big egos, but this somehow has inspired me, and the lyrics are empowering. Again, I don't really know how... when it's talking about how nothing matters... sigh. Great Song, though.

This is the best song of all time. Vote for it.

Linkin Park has saved me from some really dark times. If you listen to their lyrics they mostly convey the bad things in life, and overcoming them

Not just inspiring but it throws the light on the hard world out there. And especially after Chester's death, the song becomes more meaningful...

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16 Beautiful Day - U2

This should be number 1. Probably most decorated song ever.

Its really awesome song. Refreshes me every time I hear. Heals a broken heart, Soothes over askew broken wounds...

17 We Will Rock You - Queen

C'mon it's Queen I don't even care the song you know. This inspiration comin' from Queen not the song. And lets face it every person in this world shold know this song cause it talks to everyone. Well thanks Queen for all this beautiful songs.

Sets my blood on fire! Be it any situation, it casts its charm on me every time I hear it. Not to mention, Queen gives positive music to my ears.

This is a classic song played at sports stadiums all over the country. No other song gets a person so fired up for a sports game.

This song gets adrenaline pumping! The best song EVER!

18 You're the Voice - John Farnham

It's an anti-war song but in a broader sense it's a 'make your voice heard' message. Wake up to your own power. - Metal_Treasure

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19 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

This song is an ultimate piece of beauty that can instantly lift your mood and make you go get things done in your life!

Come on, greatest rock song ever

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20 Art of Life - X Japan

This song should be within top 10. The ONLY reason why it isn't is because it is by a Japanese band, X Japan. People, don't be so narrow-minded. I have listened to bands higher up in the list, like linkin park, Green Day, queen etc But take my words: Art of life is THE MOST EPIC SONG I have come across. It is 29 minutes of pure epicness, with an insane 9 min piano solo, 15 min of crazy guitar solos, blazing drums and vocals. If you say that the song is too long- all I can say is I feel sorry for you- for not having enough musical maturity.

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