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421 For the Love of God - Steve Vai
422 Tender Surrender - Steve Vai
423 Whispering a Prayer - Steve Vai
424 Speed of Sound - Coldplay

This is an epic song. I recommend it to anyone who loves to lose themselves in songs and let their imaginations run wild.

425 Perfect Day - Lou Reed
426 Hold On - 33 Miles
427 The Scientist - Coldplay
428 Lead With Your Heart - Canadian Tenors

This song inspires me to just be myself and "lead with my heart". I think everyone should listen to this song.

429 Everybody Hurts - Avril Lavigne V 1 Comment
430 If I Die Young - Band Perry
431 Make You Feel My Love - Adele
432 Payphone - Maroon 5
433 The Beast - Tech N9ne
434 Fire Fly - Childish Gambino

It's about how he never thought as a child that in a million years he would become this great rapper and it compares his life then and now which shows that no matter who you are, you can make something if yourself.

435 Only U Can Be You - Cymphonique Miller
436 Never Surrender - Corey Hart

One of the all time classic inspirational songs. Definitely top 10

437 Saviour - Black Veil Brides

As we life in a generation where self harm is seen as okay and a good way to help problems, this song is so inspirational, don't cut, your not alone

438 Go the Distance - Michael Bolton
439 Terrible Things
440 Perfectly Flawed - Otep
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