Top Ten Most Inspirational Songs of All Time


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121 Mirror - Lil Wayne

Meaningful song really its inspire me and chorus is awesome...

It tells me that breaking a mirror is not bad luck. - AlphaQ

122 Power of One - Donna Summer
123 Ab Tu Bhaag Mikha Bhaag - Arif Lohar and Siddharth Mahadevan

Please listen this song once

124 We Are All Made of Stars - Moby

No were not moby dick. - AlphaQ

125 ... to Be Loved - Papa Roach V 1 Comment
126 Tubthumping - Chumbawamba

It inspires me to have a stupid title with awful spelling. - AlphaQ

Crap that purple face is scary! - AlphaQ

127 Scream - Tokio Hotel

It inspires me to scream loudly in a hotel. - AlphaQ

128 Ring Frei - Lafee

It inspires me to spell badly. - AlphaQ

129 Life We Live - Commix
130 I Remember - Deadmau5
131 Echoes - Pink Floyd
132 Top - Live
133 Every Flowers - K.S. Chithra

Everybody get inspiried if Chithra sing this song

this song give confidence

It inspires me to be slapped in the face by a flower - AlphaQ

134 Life is Beautiful - Luminous

When your down just play this song and by the end you will have forgotten your difficulties in life for awhile.

Take time to really, really look and to listen. Life really is beautiful!

One has to listen to the song in its entirety, just beautiful like life truly is!

135 Kings Never Die - Eminem

Whoever is putting Eminem songs on this list is on crack.

136 All Star - Smash Mouth

Best message ever given

137 On Top of the World - Rachel Bearer

It tells you not to give up... Do your best so you can reach the top of the world :-D... Thumbs up

138 F*** Time - Green Day

Why this song?! Green Day have lots of better (more inspirational) songs like Minority, Waiting, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) or JESUS OF SUBURBIA!

Why this I love green day but why is it here

139 Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce
140 Demons - Imagine Dragons

You better believe in the power of this song

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