Most Intense Action Movies of the 2000s

This list is quite solid. It is one man's opinion: mine. But I my favorite movies are action movies that keep your attention the entire movie where you don't even want to take a bathroom break. This list is compiled of those movies. I've seen these movies multiple times and I am confident that this list of "intense action movies within the last decade" is quite legit.

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Another popular revenge flick where an ex-retired-military man loses his daughter in Europe when she goes on vacation. She is captured by a bunch of scumbag pimps who run a prostitution ring. He has little leads to find her before as time runs out before he loses his daughter forever. Revenge drives this man to kill many at will and to get to the bottom of all this mess to save his daughter. -

I thought Taken was great because of one thing: The speed. It moves at such a frantic pace but it never loses you and makes sense. Few movies are capable of doing that and Liam Neeson's action scenes are some of most fast paced I have ever seen.

Liam neeson is epic!

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The lord of the rings should have been number one. 1,5 hours action scene

Great movie with crazy action and nail biting intensity.

How can the lord of the rings isn't number one? Tell me why?

Just epic and masterpiece

The Tournament

WOW This awesome non-stop action wasn't even here. What's wrong with you dear voters. The Tournament is underrated classic with superb and very original fight scenes - Alexandr

Shoot 'Em Up

This action should be at least in top 5. I was amazed by its fights, fast pacing and great acting from Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci and Paul Giamatti! - Alexandr

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
The Bourne Identity

Popular movie with Matt Damon. Nice scenary in Europe where he is on a mission to find out who he is and what happened to him after losing his memory. He finds out he has these learned skills embedded in his memory bank and he realizes he is one of the toughest assassins to grace Europe. The realistic car scenes and fight scenes has this movie moving and a fast intense pace which will keep your blood pressure up and wondering what's going to happen next. -

It impressed me very much - MatrixGuy


Futuristic movie with Christian Bale. It's about "Father" controlling the population by restricting and killing off people who show emotion. The population is expected to take daily shot to numb the emotions. Christian Bale is part of the management to keep the population in check. He is also at the top of the ladder of the dictatorship; but things change when he himself starts to "feel". Eventually he regresses to being a normal human man who feels. He has power and other of his associates get suspicious and he has no choice but ot join the underground resistance and take out the whole dictatorship run by "Father" and in the process Christian Bale is a serious killing machine. Very intense. -

Eagle Eye

Popular movie with great reviews. Some kid and girl are forced to take orders by a technological advanced machine that operates on its own in a big conspiracy to take out the higher ups in the government. This is a must see. -

Running Scared

Honestly, I didn't like The Punisher and The Bourne Identity that much. And even The Departed was overrated a little bit but Running Scared was really superb. It looked more realistic compared to others and represents sad but so truthful things from our life.

Paul Walker and Vera Farmiga did a brilliant job. The whole cast was great - Alexandr

Paul Walker strays from The Fast & Furious which made him semi-big in the acting world. He works with a gang and by accident a bunch of dirty cops try to rob and kill them in a big gun massacre. The cops end up dead and it is Paul Walker's responsibility to get rid of a gun. He loses the gun and has a few hours to get it back before the mob works for kills him. The man is on a mission - an intense pressurized spree - to find the miss piece before it's too late. -

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The Matrix Reloaded

Neo and the rebel leaders estimate that they have 72 hours until 250,000 probes discover Zion and destroy it and its inhabitants. During this, Neo must decide how he can save Trinity from a dark fate in his dreams.

- roblist

Jurassic Park III

Hey this film was the only one really intense part in that franchise. I don't understand why so many people hate it - Alexandr

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Death Sentence

One of the best revenge flicks of the decade. Nothing unique about the movie other than the sheer anger and pain Kevin Bacon goes through. His son was killed by a gang of thugs during an initiation killing. Kevin Bacon is a business man with no experience fighting but after this tragedy he is driven by emotion to seek revenge on those who screwed with his family. He goes up against a gang and things get messy. This movie will keep you glued to your couch. -


pure masterpiece with brilliant visual effects, creative fight scenes and many characters to care about - Alexandr

The Hobbit: There and Back Again
Harsh Times

This movie was barely promoted and not many people know about it. But Christian Bale stars in it and he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and goes crazy. It's funny but sad at the same time. The performance by Christian Bale alone makes this film worthy of adding it to your collection. Very underrated and unknown movie about a guy who just got out of the military and his struggle to maintain his stability. Harsh Times is a low budget movie but it feels like it has a Michael Mann ambience to the film making. -

The Departed

This recently came out and people are already calling it a classic. Plenty of big time actors in this movie such as Leonardo DaCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Jack Nicholson and many more. The movie is about a mob whose head boss is Jack Nicholson. Leonardo DaCaprio goes undercover and squeezes in so deep into the enterprise becoming the boss' right hand man. Leonardo Dacaprio is working undercover and is looking for the leak who the police believe is another cop. The cop leaking information to Jack Nicholason is looking for the rat in the Mob's crew. The best Mobster movies were made in the 70s-90s. This is without question the best of the 2000s. -

The Dark Knight
Live Free or Die Hard

John McClane takes on an Internet-based terrorist organization who is systematically shutting down the United States.

- roblist

Kill Bill - Volume One
Rush Hour 3
The Raid: Redemption
The Bourne Supremacy
Gangs of Wasseypur

This is so far the intense film I've seen so Much gore so much killings and super intense story - Radioactive

U.S. Seals 2
The Punisher

Thomas Jane stars in this flick with John Travolta. The Punisher's WHOLE ENTIRE family gets massacred on vacation including himself but somehow he survives. There is nothing unique or special about this movie but it is a straight up revenge flick that has the viewer rooting for The Punisher to complete his revenge. -

Simple straight-to-the-point REVENGE. This movie is definitely a classic with absolutely no unnecessary build-ups. Frank Castle, who's whole family was massacred, seeks revenge against a well-established criminal organization. It's the way he gets his revenge that's exiting. He doesn't just go around shooting people. This is a must see movie!

Street Kings

In Street Kings starring Forrest Whittaker and Keanu Reeves there is a lot of dirty cop business taking place. They are all under the microscope and the black cop ratting on The Captain Whittaker and Keanu Reeves are caught up in some kind of conspiracy that makes no sense after the rat is executed. -


Milla Jovovich's character is so cool, beautiful, powerful, fearless that you can care less about some movie holes. I really love this "infamous" film - Alexandr

Bad Boys II
A Good Day to Die Hard
The Bourne Ultimatum
Fast Five
Vantage Point

Under rated film, good action, good music, relaxing action

The Kingdom
Minority Report
Mission: Impossible III
Resident Evil: Extinction
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
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