Most Interesting Facts About Lionel Messi's Personal Life

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1 Messi supports a number of charities through his Leo Messi Foundation

He is also a a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF

He is the best footballer ever

Great Football player on and off the field

He is really a wise man! THE BEST PLAYER OF THE UNIVERSE! HE likes to do good to people!

2 He was offered a place in the national team by Spain which he did not accept

He wanted to wear blue-and-white Argentinian Jersey, a chance he first got in 2004

If he would he would have definitely been considered the greatest of all time by now

Definitely showed his country well this year!

And them why when plays with Argentina he plays with no passion?

3 Lionel rakes in more than $35 million a year in salary

He is annually among the world's Top 10 earning athletes

Lionel Messi is so pro!

I earn more

He is the best player of the world! Those who say Ronaldo is so actually Ronaldo is the GREATEST **** of all time!

4 Barcelona officials were quick to spot his footballing skills

They offered to pay for Messi's medical bills and the family shifted to Spain

Their quick ness has paid them...

I adore I am doing a project on you!

5 Lionel’s nickname is "The Flea"

Very cool with a capital c

Hey he stole my name meanie


6 He was detected with a growth hormone deficiency at the age of 11

Never new this thanks this is probably why he is only 169 cm tall haha


That's just sad :(

7 His family is of middle-class Italian origin

His father Jorge was a factory worker, his mother Celia was a part-time cleaner

He is a living legend

He is very down to earth guy

Messi 'Ronaldo and ibrahimovic including aguero lewandowski and neymar they are the best players in the world

8 Lionel’s favorite music styles are Samba and Cumbi

Mine is drake

9 Lionel is sponsored by Adidas and appears in their television commercials around the globe

I am too

So is my nan

Messi es un teso

10 Messi shares his birthplace with the Argentinian revolutionary Che Guevera

Both were born in Rosario, Argentina

Wow che Guevara, so cool
Its ironic both are legends born in the same place MESSI AND GUEVARA RULES!

We all no that

The difference is that Che Guevera is Cooler than Messi.

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11 Messi's first contract with Barcelona was written in a napkin

Cool. Even though I'm not into sports I think this is cool.

My birth certificate is on a bog roll too

The best legend player

You are awesome

12 His favourite colour is blue

My favourite colour is blue as well

My favorite color is blue as well!

Mine is Green because I am a Celtic fan

My is green

13 He is the third youngest he has 2 brothers and a sister.
14 Was the first player to win three European Golden Shoe awards

I have 5

15 First to get 4 Ballon d'Or

That's right Ronaldo

That doesn't make sense

5 now

BOOOM! Ronaldo

16 He bounced a ball 201 times without letting it touch ground

I have done 303 keep ups before without letting touch ground no lies


17 His wife is Antonella Roccuzzo

My dogs nan is called that

That's my name

18 Messi scored the most goals in a calendar year (86 in 2012)

good job


19 He is FC Barcelona's leading top scorer

He is assisting machine and scoring monster

20 He was born in Argentina

That is interesting.

He was born in Argentina but plays for Spain

21 His full name is Luis Lionel Andres Messi

Me too

22 He is a food lover ever since his childhood

Me oo

23 He has scored 500 goals for Barcelona
24 Born on June 24

That's my dead nans birthday

25 He had growth hormone deficiency.

He is the size of a frog

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