Top 10 Most Legendary Gaming Consoles

Note that this is a list of the most LEGENDARY, not best or funnest or other things like that.

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21 Playstation One

This just need be in the top. The Console that change the video game market and a charm that will never be forgotten

Sure the console design was pretty ugly. But it gave us a lot of good games. - Sage_Naruto

22 Nintendo DS

Take this off. The DS Lite is better!

23 Nintendo Switch
24 Virtual Boy

This is legendary plastic piece of crap! Nintendo, you can make better!

Ledgendary,but not in a good way.

25 Xbox One (Microsoft)

Yes stop slacking and yes it should be 3#

Most underrated console ever

Stop slacking guys, Xbox ONE (even better if DAY ONE EDITION) is #1 not #20! Come on!

I posted a comment earlier on, on the Xbox ONE so same thoughts and opinions, but again I completely stress the point that, sorry PS3 and Nintendo 64 but the Xbox ONE Day One Edition just soars and breezes past you to victory- number 1 Spot!

26 CD-i (Philips)

This is legendary... For being the worst console ever.


27 GameBoy (Nintendo)
28 Nintendo DS Lite

This is good stuff. It has longer battery life, 21% less weight, 44% smaller size, and a brighter screen with adjustable brightness. AMAZING!

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