Most Liked Big Brother (U.S.) Contestants


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41 John McGuire

Coolest dentist ever

It's Johnny Mac

42 Nakomis Dedmon Nakomis Dedmon
43 Jen Johnson
44 Jase Wirey
45 Helen Kim

Bring her back!

46 James Huling James Huling


47 Sheila Kennedy

Was not the best competitor but had a good strategy that kept her in the game til F3. Wished she had won instead of loudmouth Adam.

48 Enzo Palumbo Enzo Palumbo

Hands down hilarious, made the show very entertaining to watch

49 Judd Daugherty Judd Daugherty

He was first guy in jury

50 Jackie Ibarra
51 Jason Roy

He is the best person ever

52 Paulie Calafiore Paulie Calafiore

The nicest and best contestant - supergeekslayer346

53 Michelle Costa
54 Dustin Erikstrup Dustin Erikstrup

I love Dustin. He's in my top 5 favorite Big Brother players.

55 Ragen Fox

He lit Rachel ON FIRE with his insults during their fight. If you haven't seen/heard the fight, I advise you to hop on YouTube right now.

Love him big time. sensitive, loyal and sweet.

Yha let me say Rachel %100

56 Libra Thompson

Helped BB10 become one of the best seasons. Started a lot of drama in the house plus helped form the alliance of Keesha, Dan, & Memphis.

57 Amy Crews
58 David Lane
59 Renny Martyn

Underrated and hysterical. My favorite houseguest of all time

She Is A Treasure

60 George Boswell
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