Most Lyrical Rappers of All Time

Describing, and honoring, the most lyrical rappers of all time. Focusing on the mastery of lyrical skills.

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1 Eminem Eminem Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and (with Royce more.

Thank God Lil Wayne is not on here. Every time I hear someone say "WEEZY SPITS FIRE" I die a little inside.

Lyrically Eminem can not be touched. Listen to "Words are my weapons" and try to make an argument.

Nobody can touch Eminem I've been listening to rap since it started and never heard anyone even close to his lyrics or the way he delivers them. Unbelievable lyrical genius!

His lyrics are just everything that he can think of, no other rapper have crazy lyrics.. man.. I feel sorry now proof is gone, Eminem is not funny as he was..

Eminem is king of rap

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2 Tupac Tupac Tupac Amaru Shakur, also known as 2Pac, was an American rapper and actor born on June 16, 1971 in East Harlem, New York. Tupac sold over 75 million records worldwide and has been referred to in multiple major publications such as Rolling Stone as one of the greatest music artists of all time. 2Pac was more.

He's a poet from the street and with no doubt as poetical as Goethe or someone like him, his death made him immortal

"Long live the rose that grew from concrete"
The greatest ever!
With songs such as Dear Mama, Changes and So many Tears, He deserves the top spot.

2pac is a great rapper and artist, not a lyricist. There's a HUGE difference. A lyricist like Eminem (didn't vote for him) (just an example) can make you shocked that a human can do this and make your creative juices run a lot more (if you are an artist) when you hear an amazing line. Or another type of lyricist is people great with metaphors (Lil Wayne does not suck, he actually is a really good lyricist if you stop hating and actually listen, also the reason he is so big is because of his skill at this technique)

Through his verses Tupac conveys true emotions and his talent as a lyricist is shown at it's finest.

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3 Hichkas Hichkas Sorush Lashkary (born May 10, 1985) better known by his stage name Hichkas (Persian: Hiĉkas - هیچکس‎‎; meaning "Nobody") is an Iranian rapper from Tehran. Hichkas is considered as one of pioneers of "Persian Rap" and "Persian Urban music.

The Best Lyrics in The World

The godfather of rap. Persian language such as English is not widely known in the world because the rapper is low. Text and style but she is amazing

Hichkas best rapper in the world... Best best best

Best of all time in persian rap

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4 Nas Nas Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, better known by his stage name Nas, is an American rapper. His album, Illmatic, is considered to be one of the best rap albums of all time. He is also considered to be one of the best rappers of all time.

Nas is the greatest lyrical rapper of all time. Just listen to "It ain't hard to tell", "Halftime", well really a the whole album of Illmatic. You will need no more proof after that. If you are really stubborn just listen to his other albums. His flows and rhymes are untouchable. No question about it.

Nas is probably the 2nd best lyrical rapper of all time. The only rapper I would pick over him is Tupac. But Tupac and Nas are very much alike in the way they write their songs. I would not be surprised if they were very good friends. Eminem is good but his songs are annoying to listen to. Listen to No introduction by Nas and you will see why he is great.

That Lil' Wayne is even on this list is a disgrace. If you're going to call yourself lyrical the least you could do is put together a coherent song that makes sense. Neither a good rapper nor a good lyricist raps about lasagna.

Nas isn't the best in my opinion he is 2ND after eminem, got to show respect to slim shady - RapxGod

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5 The Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls)

Biggie smalls is the best mc of all time even canibus says on round 2 knockout he says THE BEST MC DIED ON MARCH 9, REST IN PEACE KID and mtv say he is the most talented mc of all time and nas is very good but biggie smalls is the illest

Biggie is the best rapper of all time, and eazy e is 2nd. I mean they're complete opposites but with their trademark and unique styles you just can't beat em

The originator of using heavy metaphores, which was really rare in his time period. - skullgangjewelz

Clever lyrics- Biggie, Nas
Speed and delivery- Eminem
Flow- Jay z and many others

50 CENT( think of all the good songs and his laid back flow)

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6 Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar

His lyrics personally reach me and help me these lyrics resemble me more than other rapper he reaches me and is able to help me relieve pain and anger, he has expierenced some things I have. He's incredible he keeps the beat and rhymes incredible.

Kendrick Lamar is the best with his metaphors, similes and allusions. Sure Tupac may be more iconic and have deep lyrics too, but his lyrics are very simple and his lyrics could be understood after one listen easily. Kendrick Lamar is a poet. His songs get great the more you try to decipher his lyrics and analyze his works which is why I say he is the best rapper in terms of lyrics.

Honestly, definitely top 10 all time when its all said and done, but for now, I think he should be lower. Still though, his last 2 albums... The way his from-the-hood style lyricism can just merge with the hugely intelligent deeper meaning behind "To Pimp a Butterfly" is insane. I don't know of any other rappers that can do that

The best

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7 Shahin Najafi Shahin Najafi

The voice of freedom in Iran
The first rapper who his poem are postmodernist
His voice is one of best voices I ever heard
He is first rapper who apostated by Islamic government of Iran

Perfect lyrics. He is the voice of Iranian fighters for freedom

He is the best

The voice if freedom in iran

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8 Mehrad Hidden Mehrad Hidden

The best in the world, he is god of rappers and have special style and vocal and lyrics

I love mehrad hiden

He is sick even though I don't understand farsi, and yess he is the God of rap!

HaveThe best voice in iranian rapper

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9 Rakim Rakim

Rakim is one of the most under-rated main stream rappers who ever picked up a mic. His multi-syllabic rhymes combined with his precise flow make him a treat to listen to. He has creative, story-telling lyrics, with strong beats, and a unique twist on words through most of his music. I am actually surprised he isn't top ten.

Rakim is the best of all time why do people put Wayne or juelz santana they are not even lyrical at all

Amazing imagery an storytelling skills. And people: this is a list ranked purely on LYRICAL skills. How is Dr. Dre so high up? He's a great artis but since when is Dre a top lyricist?

In terms of flow and revolution then he is by far the greatest. The problem with doing a list like this is, there needs to be different aspects to be taken into consideration. I notice Busta Rhymes is not any of these lists and he is by the most versatile rapper, that can emcee and do rap in so many genres from rock to pop to house to edm to ragga dancehall CONVINCINGLY.. His discography is impeccable and not even 2pac comes close to that, in that aspect. LL Cool Jay is revolutionary in being able to go hard and then go soft for the ladies and then when people started dissing just let rip with Mama say knock you out. over 14 albums is astonishing and a definite top 10 rapper. A top 10 rapper has to be revolutionary in some aspect of the game of hip hop. ei) 2pac was not known for his emcee prowess so how can he named in a top 10 greatest. he was the greatest hip hop icon no doubt and was a fantastic studio writer. Krs 1 the greatest battle rapper hands down. How many careers has he ...more

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10 Yas Yas

Voice Of Persian People

The Best Lyrical in Persian Rap



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The Newcomers

? Amir Tataloo Amir Tataloo Amirhossein Maghsoudloo, better known by his stage name Amir Tataloo, is an Iranian singer and songwriter. An underground musician unauthorized by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Tataloo is "a rapper with so many fans" in words of Time and has a "strong fan base" among the youth in Iran more.

Best R&B singer - farbodkarimi

The Contenders

11 Ho3ein Ho3ein

Oh God you said you are one!
But what is that guy?
He is GOD too! God of rap

In the name of the Persian rap that most of the Persian young people loving it.

I proud of hos3ein because he does the best Persian rap about lifestyle outside and inside Iran he doesn't show off or he doesn't share his photos anywhere with different girls so this is the time we all stand up for this young man and keep his flag on top of the pole as best Persian rapper alive.

You may call him G as genius I love him with that " emam Ali" tatto lool buy his one the first rappers in Iran his amazing

Hi best raper in iran

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12 Bahram Bahram Called as one of the 50 people shaping the culture of the Middle East, by Huffington Post, Bahram Nouraei challenges the dominant artistic, cultural and philosophical consensus of the Iranian society . He constantly pushes himself out of his comfort zone to reach his own understanding of creativity more.

Bahram number one in pershian rap

His lyrics is so0o go0od


King of iran

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13 Jay-Z Jay-Z Shawn Corey Carter, known by his stage name JAY-Z, is an American rapper, entrepreneur and investor. He is best known for his album Reasonable Doubt.

His style is unique, and words stay on point, with a different taste, Jay-Z can only deliver. - skullgangjewelz

I thought of him as the enemy, at first, then I saw how Tupac was planning to end the West coast/East coast rivalrie and I, then, started to listen to his lyrics. He seems to be a great person on the inside also! "... Song Cry " is my favorite!

Jays lyrics are laced with double entandras (sp? ) And metaphors. One verse can have meaning on the surface and on another layer. People that don't understand him can't appreciate him the same as those who do.

Ghostwriters - Sebbe1804

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14 Immortal Technique Immortal Technique Felipe Andres Coronel, better known by the stage name Immortal Technique, is an American rapper and urban activist from Lima, Peru.

Not in the top 10? Are you serious?! Listen to Revolutionary Vol.2 and tell me he doesn't belong in the top 10!

He must be in top ten. Among today's rap artists, he's the only one who raise his voice to tell the truth. He gave a different perspective and a purpose to rap music through his philosophy.

He is not just good or the best, he is unbelievable smart. Just listen to the songs that aren't this popular. Its amazing. This guy could change the world, and oh, the best rapper? He is that since the first time he touched a mic!

Immortal technique is the best lyrical rapper

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15 Reza Pishro Reza Pishro Mohammad Reza Naseri Azad better known by his stage name Pishro is an Iranian rapper and producer from Tehran.

He has best lyrics

Pishro is king of Persian rap

I Love You Reza Pishro

King of diss music

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16 Dr. Dre Dr. Dre Andre Romelle Young, better known by his stage name Dr. Dre, is an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and current CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics.

I don't dislike Dre, but you can't really have Dre on the list. He doesn't write his own raps (Snoop Dogg wrote Nuthin but a G-Thang, Em wrote Forgot About Dre, Pac wrote Cali Love, Ice Cube and DOC wrote NWA's songs), and he is a producer anyway. - Sonired

You can't be lyrical if you don't write your own music but I like dr dre though

I listen to dre a little bit but his lyrics are not very influential

Dre for my is definitely top 15, he's great! BUT Not lyrical. The fact his rhymes in The Chronich were written by Death Row inmates, is now accepted in mass appeal

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17 J Cole J Cole

He's a beast I don't know how you could say j Cole is not one of the top ten lyrical rappers of all time. How can u put j Cole under Lamar's bum ass. In addition, the only rappers I can see being more lyrically inclined than Jermaine is Big E, Tupac, and Eminem. Not all of his songs are super catchy, but as far as true lyrics and being about the words he's spitting j Cole can't be under top 5.

One of the most intelligent rappers of all time complete genius in terms of lyrics

HE is amazing. One of the best rappers in the game right now. Rapping about things that matter.

J.Cole and Tupac are easily the 2 most lyrical rappers with the best flow of all time. he is easily top ten. 17!?!? Who votes on this? Listen to any of his songs where he talks about serious issues in society. 2014 Forest Hills Drive! 4 Your Eyez Only! Vote him up!

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18 Big L Big L Lamont Coleman (May 30, 1974 – February 15, 1999), best known by his stage name Big L, was an American hip hop recording artist, born and raised in Harlem, New York City, New York. Coleman embarked on his career in rapping, with the hip hop trio, Three the Hard Way. His first notable appearance came more.


Top 5

"ASK BEAVIS, I GET NOTHING BUTTHEAD" laugh out loud he should be in the top 10 - bbilsk

Well he is definitely top 5 for lyrical skills, no doubt, but when it comes to the meaning, I'm not so sure of he's even on the top 30

Top 5 OAT - venomouskillingmachine

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19 Andre 3000 Andre 3000 André Lauren Benjamin, known by his stage name André 3000, is half of the hip-hop duo OutKast. He is widely considered to be the better half of the duo, and is widely considered to be one of the greatest rappers of all time.

Great storyteller listen to day in the Life of Andre Benjamin

He should be way higher top 3 over tupac. U guys need to listen to some outkast and pay attention to what he is saying

The GOAT. MF DOOM is 2 lyrically.

20 K-Rino K-Rino

I'm glad this guy is finally mentioned on a "best rapper list" even if it is one that is greatly biased due to popularity (which cannot be controlled and is understandable, I don't mean to complain too much). I believe he should at least be in the top 10 if not 2, I think he's the best rapper alive or dead thah I know of because of his intelligent lyrics, diversity in flow and topics, and his passion for rapping. he put out 3 albums this year and they were all good quality. He has a total of around 20 and that means you have a lot of great songs to listen to if you do enjoy K-rino.
If your looking where to start I would recommend his album "annihilation of the evil machine". And if you don't like conspiracy theories in your rap, you do not have to worry too much with K-rino he has a few which happen to be his highly viewed songs, but they make up a small minority of his songs. He has also been rapping since 88 or 83, he's been around for a while and I hope he gets recognized for ...more

#23! Seriously what the hell have you guys been smoking krino is the best emc there is he has everything he has the passion, heart, intelligence, flow, wordplay, storytelling. He raps about the truth and exposes corruption. He also has many songs that any person can relate to. This man also is very consistent and has a wide variety of topics and concepts to rap about from braggadocios to religion, storytelling, to politics and very unique concepts. He is the Shakespeare and Tesla of Hip Hop a Genius who isn't recognized for his dedication to his craft

The best ever k-rino, he can rap about tooth paste and you hooked, and when it comes too battle flows one of favorite songs 4 minute warning

Excellent rapper

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