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461 Lost It All - Black Veil Brides

This song means so much to me and the band are everything to me xx

462 They Don't Give a F**** About Us - 2pac
463 Dopefiend's Diner - 2pac
464 Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
465 I Shall Be Released - Bob Dylan & the Band
466 Shattered - Trading Yesterday

Shattered is a beautiful song.

467 Delta Dawn - Tanya Tucker

This songood is quite oldschool, but it's beautiful how it narrates a sad story. This story narrates the life of a young girl who loses her life companion at a young age, and is traumatised by the incident. The song is quite powerful and will hit you right in the feels!

468 Infallible - Pearl Jam
469 Counting Stars - OneRepublic

Very meaning song. Onerepublic Native

470 By the Grace of God - Katy Perry

Too good melody and the vocals. But it is beaten by the beautiful meaning of the song.

471 Blackbird - Paul McCartney

This song is extremely meaningful, I believe It was written during race riots in the US. The song is about a Black Bird which symbolises the Black race becoming free.

472 Je Te Laisserais Des Mots - Patrick Watson
473 We're from America - Marilyn Manson
474 Between the Roses - SayWeCanFly

Listen to it and try to not cry. The words mean so much more than can be explained it kind of hurts to listen to.

475 Invisible - Skylar Grey
476 Let Your Hair Down - Magic!

Honest to god, this song is amazing. I don't know how many people look at this site... But the feels.. It shows that we can't really actually be ourselves around everyone. How could we with all of us judging each other by actions and the way you look, talk and walk.

477 Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift
478 Girl from the North Country - Bob Dylan/Johnny Cash

I can't believe bloody Imagine Dragons outranks Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. This list is completely innacurate. There are so many deep songs beyond Demi Lovato and Imagine Dragons. Give me a bloody break.

479 Lead Me Out of the Dark - Crown the Empire

In this amazing song Andy Leo expresses raw emotion as he sings. Good song after a breakup, or relatively feeling down.

480 Re-Education (Through Labor) - Rise Against
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