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141 Dream On - Aerosmith Dream On - Aerosmith

This song is truely amazing. It's one of those songs that you listen to and then feel inclined to act, not to leave your dreams only to when you are asleep. This song is the very reason I'm working on a manuscript to send off to a publisher, because it's true. "Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away..." You have to do things while you have the chance to do them, and this song encompasses that perfectley.

I like this song because he's telling people Dream on never leave your dream it will come true

This song is just great. And how Steven Tyler sings is just amazing.

Absolutely full of meaningful lyrics

142 The World Is Ugly - My Chemical Romance The World Is Ugly - My Chemical Romance

It was a difficult decision to choose between this and The Light Behind Your Eyes. They both make me cry and think as there is so much truth in the words. My favourite lines are:
"Stop your crying, helpless feeling,
Dry your eyes and start believing."

143 I Was Here - Beyoncé I Was Here - Beyoncé

I cry every time. This song is beautiful

One of the best songs ever written for sure. It shows a care for the great problems of the humanity and tries to show us the necessity to grow a conscience about it.
Greatest Beyoncé song in my opinion.

144 We've Had Enough - Michael Jackson We've Had Enough - Michael Jackson
145 Keep the Faith - Michael Jackson Keep the Faith - Michael Jackson

So groovy yet has a lot of motivation in this song... Never gets old!

146 History - Michael Jackson History - Michael Jackson V 1 Comment
147 Con Te Partiro - Andrea Bocelli Con Te Partiro - Andrea Bocelli
148 The Weight - The Band The Weight - The Band
149 Ever After - Marianas Trench

My favourite band ever. Josh has been through so much and whenever I see them live, I can just see the pain in his eyes and can hear it when he sings certain songs. Lover Dearest and Skin and Bones should be here too.

150 Innocent - Taylor Swift Innocent - Taylor Swift

This song had the perfect melody and haunting lyrics. It makes you want to curl up under the covers and cry. It makes you want to take back all of the cruel things you've ever said. Applause, Taylor.

151 Smile - Avril Lavigne Smile - Avril Lavigne
152 Hotel California - Eagles Hotel California - Eagles

This is just such a great song with a bigger concept then most people actually hear but people willing to understand the song will here it much differently... Most will hear the chorus "Hotel California" but they others hear first second and third verse where this guy is consumed in fame and as much as he wants to leave he can't so he's suck in "Hitel California"

153 All My Love - Led Zeppelin All My Love - Led Zeppelin
154 When All Is Said and Done - ABBA When All Is Said and Done - ABBA

This is a musical rhapsody by ABBA filled with various emotions such as grief oozing out of it. It would be almost impossible for one not to sense the various emotions in this song that signifies the break-up of Benny Anderson and Anni-Frid. This was one of Abba's last masterpiece before its official break-up on December 1981 and at the same time, my favourite ABBA song.

155 All Kinds of Kinds - Miranda Lambert All Kinds of Kinds - Miranda Lambert

This song's lyrics speak, they tell us how everyone is different, and that to keep the world going, they need to be that way.

I love this song so much. Most people just pass over the country artists but this is worth listening to. Love you Miranda

156 The A Team - Ed Sheeran The A Team - Ed Sheeran

Seriously I know their is so many songs that mean deep things to people but this song can relate to so many people that have a drug addiction

One of the most meaningful songs I've ever heard

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157 Short Change Hero - The Heavy Short Change Hero - The Heavy
158 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This is my favorite and very LIT (pun intended)

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159 Mockingbird - Eminem Mockingbird - Eminem
160 Everybody's Fool - Evanescence Everybody's Fool - Evanescence

This songs goes deep in explaining in a great way the vanity of the modern societies.
Such a good song and video clip.

"Without the mask, where will you hide?
Can't find yourself, lost in your lies"

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