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1 Leave Out All the Rest

I just love this song and I love chester's voice. I can't help but sing along. I'm a girl and friends think I'm weird because I like the band. But even girls like them

Deserves where it is. Chester like always is amazing! Indeed a really touching song!

Beautiful meaningful song lyrics... Lifts
The heart to heavens...

When my time comes forget the wrong that I've done...
keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest.

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2 Pushing Me Away - Live Piano Solo

Its Chester singing Pushing Me Away with Mike playing the piano only, no rock music. It is absolutely breathtaking and I love it. - lukestheman4

This song reminds me of the when I fought with my bestfriend

The sacrifice is never knowing... I love this part when in Knowing he goes slow at the end, then Why I never walked away...

Love This Song

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3 Shadow of the Day

This song actually has more meaning than the others if you listen to the lyrics... Doesn't get old and it's nice to listen to something less heavy than "no more sorrow" or "one step closer"

Are you kidding me?
This song is the most mellow song from Linkin Park..
It's should be in #1

This should be FIRST I love the song and it is very mellow

I close both locks below the window
I close both blinds and turn away

Sometimes solutions aren't so simple
Sometimes goodbye's the only way

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4 The Messenger

What no 8? Must be in top 3

Best song by Linkin Park by far. It shouldn't be at 8

I think this one should be at top 1 & not so down here! This is one of the best songs!

Number 1!

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5 Castle of Glass

This song is amazing, and at the same time it's a very mellow LP song, this song really needs more appreciation, for it is amazing!

Not only does this song relax me and make me feel like I'm apart of something bigger than myself it reminds me that we are all just human and we all are the same

I just love the way the song goes,
Maybe because it depicts a wonderful story and the lyrics just goes like a water flow love it
Must hear the song with the video

And this song is the sondtrack of medal of honor : warfighter

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6 My December

I don't know who this guy below me thinks he is, but I know every Linkin Park song ever made, including My December. The only reason I didn't add it when I made this list is because I forgot about it. So he/she better do some research or ask me a question before making false statements. My December is mellow and should be on the list. - lukestheman4

This song is simple, beautiful and deep. You can really understand what is this song about, if you're far from your family, friends and loved ones and you can't meet them.

This is the most mellow song by far, along with Leave Out All The Rest. Too bad I can't buy it without buying the whole Deluxe album on iTunes.

This should be at number 1. It's a special songs for me because it was my first Linkin Park song.

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7 Iridescent

When I first herd this song I got so emotional! It is so beautiful and I was literary going to cry when I did hear this song also this song has a lot of meaning and the lyrics are just perfect so this song definitely deserves to be higher on this list.

Love this song. Whenever I feel really hopeless this song really helps me to build up hope and let all my frustration go. Love you Linkin Park. you guys are the best.

You're kidding me. This is behind Roads Untraveled?

I love this song because it has a lot of feeling,and it just touches my heart 😘😘😘😘

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8 The Little Things Give You Away

Just awesome in drums and chester singing is wow. I love this song

Brad guitar's solo it's just awesome

Best on the list!

Excellent song, nice lyrics, FYI this is one of rob's favorite songs

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9 Burning in the Skies

Fantastically smooth. Unusually lax
for Linkin Park and I love it.

Saddest linkin park song

First song I ever heard from LP. Never forget that feeling.

10 Powerless

Powerless is the greatest Linkin Park song period, no explanations, no excuses, this is a godly masterpiece and a grand finale to their greatest album to date.

My new favorite Linkin Park song. Thanks Living Things.

Which Princess Peach is, 'because Linking Park is way better!

Very nice song really

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11 Waiting for the End

You all gotta be kidding me... Seriously this song by all means deserves the NUMBER 1 position.. please... Vote for this.. This the biggest request of the biggest Indian girl fan of Linkin Park.. Vote for. This

Guys come on I mean.. This is the song that made me the biggest fan of Linkin Park.. And you won't believe I have from India.. Come on.. Take this song to the NUMBER 1.. Vote for this!

This is truly awesome song. Defines our life, when everything falls apart and whatever we feel. Please at least vote for this in top 3 at least.

Y-you serious? I'm speechless... This song is simply awesome. The music, the meaning, Chester's voice, Mike's "rap", his vocals... I think this is one of their best songs out of all of them.

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12 In Between

Mike Shinoda has some beautiful singing on this song

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13 Hands Held High

A phenomenal song that is incredibly well written. A detailed and thoughtful account of a controversial war. Amazing rhyme scheme and amazing lyrics make this one of the band's best songs and one of Mike's best rap verses.

Only 15th come on


14 She Couldn't

This is the best mellow song from Linkin Park in my opinion. It's such a sad song, especially when you think about the words, you automatically think about your life, about THE girl. Every time I feel upset, I listen to this song. Such a pity Linkin Park couldn't sell this song, everyone would love it.

Its just perfect... I m an Indian, n Indians doesn't really love bands, but but if Linkin Park is a battery, then this song is power.. (worst comparision ;p)

15 Valentine's Day

One of the darkest songs lyrically on the record. The song is a metaphor for death. A common misconception is that this song is dedicated to Chester's father who apparently passed. That is false. Chester's dad is still alive and well. Another rumor is that this was dedicated to a girlfriend Chester dated who died on Valentine's Day. This might be plausible. Regardless, this track is a personal experience for Chester and that alone makes it noteworthy.

This will touch your inner soul

Literally better than all the other songs why the hell is it in 13th place

Should be at no 3. Only better songs are My December and Iridescent.

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16 One More Light

This song is the saddest song I've ever heard, especially after Chester's death. There is a reason why he sang after Chris Cornel died. This song is also very beautiful and extremely mellow. I've been a Linkin Park fan since Hybrid Theory, Numb being my favourite song. This and talking to my self are the only songs in the album that is Linkin Park. RIP CHESTER.

This is the saddest song I've heard by linkin park! Especially realizing that he just passed away today on July 20, 2017. This song made him cry so I feel it was personal for him. Who knew he was fighting a never ending battle against depression.

So sad...chester said this song always made him cry and just couldn't sing it

I literally bursting to tears to heard this song

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17 Roads Untraveled

That intro. The chimes and piano is beautiful, how can you not appreciate that?

Mike Shinoda, perhaps the best rapper, and the only one who can sing as well. He and Chester sound like a whole chorus together.

I can't explain just how good this song is, just listen for yourself before voting.

This needs to be in the top five. What is it doing down here? This, along with iridescent and powerless should be at the top

Brilliant song! Even Need For Speed use it as their soundtrack. Should be at least Top 10 :))

Honestly this is my favorite

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18 In Pieces

Beautiful song. This song is apparently about Chester's ex-wife and the pain caused from divorce. Beautiful melody and a lot of emotion.

Awesome lyrics! Fabulous music. classic!

19 Robot Boy

Why is it on 15? People vote for this most mellow song!

This song is m second favourite linkin park song after Blackout.

Most underrated LP song to date.

Lp's 1 of d best. At least in top 10

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20 Blackbirds

How can this song be as low as #19? Granted, most people haven't listened to it. Listen to this song people, it blows away all the others (except Iridescent maybe) out of the water...

This is a wonderful song made from them! Using their calm beats by Joe Hahn, and it's lyrics are just beautiful. Needs to be near this list in 15th place.

Blackbirds, this is one of the most saddest songs. Also, reflects on so many peoples lives.

It's a beautiful song that more people should know.

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