Most Memorable 70s Albums by a Female Singer

The Top Ten Most Memorable 70s Albums by a Female Singer

1 Jolene - Dolly Parton
2 The Boss - Diana Ross

One of her best, and a sexy album cover.

Diana ross sweety girl

3 Blue - Joni Mitchell
4 Bad Girls - Donna Summer

Still know the lyrics from all the 15 songs. All great including the cover and the lyrics sleeves! I was a kid back then!

Wow, I was a kid then n know since then all the lyrics from the 15 songs. Donna at her best!

5 Lionheart - Kate Bush
6 No Secrets - Carly Simon
7 Here You Come Again - Dolly Parton
8 Court and Spark - Joni Mitchell

The most musically sophisticated of this lot. A beautiful set of songs. Not disco in any way, but sly and clever, with timelessness compared to the disco trendy gueens.

9 Heart Like a Wheel - Linda Ronstadt
10 Boys in the Trees - Carly Simon

The Contenders

11 Half-Breed - Cher
12 Tapestry - Carole King
13 Young, Gifted and Black - Aretha Franklin
14 Horses - Patti Smith
15 Pieces of the Sky - Emmylou Harris
16 Karla Bonoff - Karla Bonoff
17 Rickie Lee Jones - Rickie Lee Jones
18 Stoney End - Barbra Streisand
19 Christmas and the Beads of Sweat - Laura Nyro
20 Give It Up - Bonnie Raitt
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