Most Memorable 80s Albums By a Female Singer


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21 Promise - Sade

Hits "The Sweetest Taboo", "Never as Good as the First Time", "Is It a Crime". Very nice album - Irina2932

22 Stronger Than Pride - Sade

This album was as good as her previous ones. It was even more touching and deep.
Hits "Paradise", "Love Is Stronger Than Pride", "Turn My Back on You" and "Nothing Can Come Between Us" - Irina2932

23 Control - Janet Jackson
24 Break Every Rule - Tina Turner
25 Close - Kim Wilde

A million seller with 5 hit singles included

26 Select - Kim Wilde
27 Kim Wilde - Kim Wilde

Top 10 album through Europe in the early 80's

28 Madonna - Madonna
29 Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth
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