Most Memorable 80s Songs by a Female Singer


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21 Express Yourself - Madonna V 2 Comments
22 Crazy For You - Madonna

Another wonderfully beautiful ballad from Madonna - Irina2932

First love type song

She is the best

Love it!

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23 Straight Up - Paula Abdul


Andy Dawson

Great Song!

24 True Colors - Cyndi Lauper

Such an inspirational song about being yourself and unique no matter what people say about you!

Tremendously great effort with a timeless meaning. Such a pure, true & beautiful song

Time After Time is right there. GJWHF was fun, not beautiful and poignant and TIMELESS.

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25 Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper

Why is this so far down on the list? This is such a great song

Time after time is a true timeless classic.

Love this song! Should be in the top 10

Nice funky beat easy to sing to

V 3 Comments
26 Gloria - Laura Branigan

Everybody and their Grandmother remember this great song from 1982, this song obviously should be listed first

Love this song forever and always.

I remebrer her long time ago so pretty and great singer

Andy Dawson

V 2 Comments
27 Greatest Love of All - Whitney Houston

Very powerful, beautiful and memorable Love song from Queen of Voice Whitney Houston - Irina2932

Whitney was by far the greatest talent in the 80's.

Whitney one of the first songs I heard her sing..

Loved Whitney and all her songs

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28 Hit Me with Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar V 1 Comment
29 Leave a Light On - Belinda Carlisle

Great 90s classic... Gets you singing no matter what.. !

Beautiful song- league of her own


Ian Dawson

30 Circle in the Sand - Belinda Carlisle

Perfect pop song, that does not need a synthesizer -perfect end of summer song

I love this song, this melody can easy to sing, give 5 LikeπŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’

31 Everlasting Love - Sandra
32 Let the River Run - Carly Simon

Carly had a fantastic treasury of music in the 80s.

Carly Simon, an American treasure

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33 We Don't Need Another Hero - Tina Turner

Nobody could have done aunty emity better. A perfect role for tina

V 3 Comments
34 No More the Fool - Elkie Brooks.

Great singer, great song.

Great song, amazing singer

Great Great Great.

35 Stand Back - Stevie Nicks

Anything Stevie Nicks is awesome

Love Stevie!

36 Hold On - Wilson Phillips

Just can't help but feel every ounce of the song from deep deep down

Ian Dawson

37 Solitaire - Laura Branigan

This woman had a voice like no other, she was just a little better than everyone else

Best climax and finale by a song ever, those high notes at the end are powerful.

38 Material Girl - Madonna

First song I fell in love with Madonna

Only song I reconize and like lol

39 The Sweetest Taboo - Sade

Beautiful singer with another of her beautiful songs

Sade... What can you say about her songs.. , this just puta you in a different type of mood

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40 Get Closer - Linda Ronstadt
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