Are You Serious?

It seems to me that you added the only 26 songs of the 90's sung by females that you know and then you thought "Well hey, I've run out of songs but I know that I'm a HUGE Britney Spears fan so let me just give her a little plug and act like these four songs belong on this list." Soda Pop? Are you serious? Is that even technically a song? I've heard it and I would be happy to discuss this matter with you further if you do indeed feel like it's one of the best 30 female sung songs of the 90's. I can't personally name 30 Britney Spears songs but i am POSITIVE that Soda Pop is not near that "elite" list. Have you ever heard of TLC? TLC is a little known (I'm being sarcastic) band from the 90's that produced at least four songs that are better than any 90's Britney Spears song. You should look them up! PS-I'm not in any way knocking Britney Spears. If she was sitting here beside me I'd like to think she would be backing these comments. I can't imagine Britney Spears thinks Soda Pop is one of the 30 best anything: songs, drinks, etc.