Most Memorable Belinda Carlisle Songs


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1 Heaven Is a Place on Earth

Not just memorable track from the 80's but one of the best songs ever! - Irina2932

A great and wonderful song, by a very beautiful sexy singer

This song is the best song I heard

My favoritest song ever. Because it is the best

2 Remember September
3 Leave a Light On

Very popular track among Belinda's fans - Irina2932

Wonderful song, really inspired, it always sounds brand new, full of life. Thanks Belinda

This song has such an amazing 80s feeling. The chorus is absolutely fantastic!

4 Since You've Gone
5 Vision of You
6 Circle in the Sand

Belinda's singing is incredible here - one of her greatest songs - Irina2932

V 1 Comment
7 Half the World
8 Here Comes My Baby
9 Shades of Michaelangelo V 1 Comment
10 Summer Rain

Absolutely her best song! The notes she hits, the dark and complex mood, the subtle yet awesome musical flourishes... perfect. Musically, La Luna is close - maybe even better - but vocally, it doesn't touch Summer Rain.

My favourite Belinda Carlisle song! It's her favourite song too, so surely that means something?

Probably my favorite song from amazing Belinda. The performance was perfect! - Irina2932

The Contenders

11 I Get Weak
12 Valentine
13 La Luna

This song didn't do well on charts during its release but nowadays "La Luna" is still popular and is playable on many radio stations - Irina2932

14 Live Your Life Be Free
15 Loneliness Game
16 In Too Deep

Best-known single from "A Woman and a Man" album - Irina2932

17 Mad About You

Belinda's first single. And really awesome one - Irina2932

18 Stuff and Nonsense
19 Deep Deep Ocean
20 Big Scary Animal

Enough memorable but still should've been bigger hit - Irina2932

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