Most Memorable Scenes In The Dark Knight Rises

The Top Ten

Bane vs Batman I

Watching this part in the theater was so intense. It was so quiet. The back breaking part was brutal. - Hernandez1614

The Ending

One of the greatest endings to a franchise I've ever seen. Christopher Nolan knows how make memorable endings. - Hernandez1614

The guy that say the ending is the worst part in the movie don't know anything of batman and Christopher Nolan movies

Best 5 final day minutes in any Hollywood movies

The Climb

So inspiring. After many failed attempts, Bruce finally did it. - Hernandez1614

Most breath taking moment in the whole f**king awesome movie.. & also splendid work on the sountrack in the current scene. (why do we fall)

Soudtrack (why do we fall? ) is an awesome work by hans jimmer... respect.. hats offf!

Bane vs Batman II

Round 2 was shorter, but in many ways it's more important because it shows hows ass. Much Batman really wants to kick Bane' - Hernandez1614

Batman Carrying the Bomb Towards the Bay

The music used in the background makes this moment feel like it might be the end of the Batman. Also the look on Batman's face is really convincing. - Hernandez1614

This is the scene that makes the Dark Night rises awesome.

Plane Hijacking

Like The Dark Knight, this intro is a great work of art. Bane was awesome. - Hernandez1614

Blowing Up the Stadium
The Batman Returns After 7 Years

That moment when Batman rides the Batpod onto the ramp and over the cops gave me goosebumps. - Hernandez1614

Batman Confesses to Gordon
Alfred Leaves the Mansion

The Contenders

Batman Visits Gordon
Walking On Ice (Exile)
Ra's Al Ghul's Return
Bane Has His Men Hang Their Victims for Everyone to See
Selina Dances With Bruce
Bane Frees the Prisoners at Black Gate Prison
Bat Symbol Made of Fire
Batman & Catwoman Kiss
Scarecrow's Court
Bane Reads Gordon's Speech
Talia Revealing That She Is the Child of Ras al Ghul
The Stock Market Scene
Bruce and Talia Make Love
Police vs Goons

Literally the most intense and awesomely thing I have seen from a 2012 film. - DaBossAK

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