Tit for tat. Let this thread be a loving one where we share good Islamic teachings and the rich history of Islam. Let it be a slap on the faces of the thread on worst religions. I encourage you all to read about Muslim Spain and the immense goodness that has come from Muslim rule, where Jews and Christians were treated like brothers and allowed to govern and carry out important responsibilities in society. I dream of that kinda society today. Islam is an ideal way of living, and I understand people have pressing questions about certain things but why not go about learning, finding out why all those Moose limbs say Islam is peaceful and the one true faith? No wonder the first word revealed in Islam was Read

If you are going to hate Islam people because of 911 and bin lain or other bad things that were done in this religion be prepared to hate every culture, and religion because every group evil or good has done something bad, so if you are gonna hate something because of a sin, you mine as well hate yourself because you are apart of a group that has done bad it would take hours for me to list something bad each country and religion has done but you are the same as everyone you are apart of the human race, and almost all sins are done by humans. If we drop racism we can live the desirable life everyone wants.

Those who are true in their way they have to face problems in life and same way Islam is facing problems. Islam is most misunderstood religion because of some violent terrorist who don't know Islam and they are not Muslims. In the name of Islam they do anything they want and people blame Islam for it but in reality they don't have to do anything with Islam. Islam never believe in war but it is a religion of peace. And if Islam is spread by the sword and war then the whole India should be Muslim because Muslims ruled India for many years. Isn't that true?

Islam is the best religion. It's all because of these terrorists that you people believe that Islam is a aggressive religion. And by the way suicide bombers and all are prohibited in this religion. So I am not sure if those terrorists are Muslims.

Islam and Christianity are among the most peaceful religions in the world. They have a bad name because many among them misinterpret the teachings their religions offers. If every person on the surface of the Earth would have been a true Muslim/Christian, the world would know peace. - Zab

You people judge Islam with out knowing it. You will see in the day of judgement where it will be your end disbelievers! At the end of the world you will realize that Islam is the best and most truthful

A person who thinks Islam as a worse religion should first study about Islam without paying attention to media and non Muslim Terrorists who are spreading. Terror on the name of Islam... If you do so and practice and think about what Islam preaches then surely I guaranty you that you wil turn to Islam

No one will disagree on this because now a days people make religious things which suits their own life style and mentality and most easy to do so for own sel no matter how big impact their act make on other lives but trust me ones gets deeper into this all will be shocked what is Islam is?

Just because some people who call themselves Muslims decide to kill people doesn't mean that they represent Islam or other Muslims. Seriously, it's humans that are bad, not the religion. Stop twisting the words of the Quran. Read it from front to back and try asking for the meaning if you don't get it and then try saying Islam is bad. Everything is about context and history, they were in the middle of a war. Of course they had to fight.

Bother to read the Qur'an and maybe you'll realise that Islam is not misunderstood. The only 'misunderstanding' of Islam is that it is in any way peaceful. Christianity too has had its dodgy eras in history, but Jesus was fundamentally a peaceful person who preached loving kindness. The first Christians were harmless hippies, persecuted by the Romans. Muhammad was very violent and he wrote a book ordering Muslims to violence. The first Muslims went on killing sprees in Arabia and subdued many nearby tribes, especially Jewish tribes (maybe this is where Muslim anti-Semitism comes from, or maybe it's because the Qur'an calls Jews mutated rats, pigs and apes). Muhammad also had sex with underage girls. I agree that there are nutters in every religion, but in Islam's case the nutter was Muhammad. This is very unfortunate. There are many nice Muslims in the world - I have nothing against Muslims as a people - but Islam is corrupt and violent.

To the person about 9 lines down, I have nothing to say because people like you are already firm on the choice to be ignorant, also incredibly disrespectful. Your comment tells a lot about your character. And you claim a lot about Islam, you must be better than all those scholars throughout history who studied Islam page to page, verse by verse and what not, only for someone Iike you to not pick up a damn book and read.

I think many religions have extremists, not just Islam, so I don't understand why people link the Islamic faith with extremists. It's just wrong, so many people are Muslims and there are only a small group of those people who are violent.

I agree. To all people who hate islam: Stop going to the media if you want to learn about Islam. The media is full of lies. When I go to America and go to NASA. People will call me a terrorist. Stop accusing 1 billion people and may allah have mercy on you. PERIOD. - njalabi63989

Yes and the thing is that probably the most emphasised word of advice in Islam and also the first word revealed in Islam to the last prophet was to Read. Simple but strong. Yet people don't read they just talk and choose to be ignorant

It is the most misunderstood religion because the follower of same Islam are not concerned to promote the true teachings of Islam and very high percentage of them is illiterate so lot of them really don't know there own religion

I'm a religion-curious person and studying different religions.So far, Islam is the most peaceful religion unlike the media shows.

The terrorists who fight for Islam as they say and kill innocent people are not even humans. Any violence is not excepted in Islam at all.

When we studied Islam at school, I thought it was a really awesome religion. I respected all the teachings, beliefs, and people. Terrorists can't really be Muslim, it's so misunderstood. - keycha1n

Islam teaches simplicity, respectfulness, love, brotherhood, peace and all positives. The negative aspects of Islam are all politically driven.

Don't just take what you see guys. Yes of course there are corrupt Muslims out there but there are corrupt people of every religion in the world and I wouldn't blame it on their religion. Its not our fault that the media ONLY show the corrupt 'muslims' when most of us aren't

I understand it very well. It's a lie and certainly not a peaceful religion ( the misconception is to believe that every religion is good and peaceful ). End of story!

A good friend of mine is Muslim and she is one of the most gentle, caring and insightful people I know. - PositronWildhawk

Truth is always opposed Islam is truth Islam is peace Islam is life, please accept it and fallow it as son as possible

Look, a terrorist inst a Muslim. unfortunately, most people base judge peoples religion based of their background. if you were Arab, you were Muslim, if you were brown, you were Hindu etc. I hate it when people judge me based on some fools who did an extremist act.

Many people misunderstood Islam. Even some Muslim misunderstood his own religion. Some Muslim are terorist because they misunderstood Islam or just use Islam name - daud