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21 Nightcloud

Nightcloud is really misunderstood, everyone hates her just because they love Feathertail or Leafpool! I totally ship LeafxCrow but Nightcloud doesn't deserve all this hate. The cat she loved doesn't love her back and he used her!

YES thank you finally someone understands it's not nightclouds fault I mean crowfeather only been with her because he wanted his clan to trust him but I totally ship FEATHERXCROW they were beautiful together ps crowfeather heart will never truly be restored because he loved feathertail and she died poor crowfeather.

22 Hollowflight
23 Breezepelt Breezepelt

OKAY! FANS, LISTEN TO ME! So what if Breezepelt missed Crowfeather? Does that give him right to attack Jayfeather (blind medicine cat)? To drown a queen just for the sake of killing? Then tell me-. -Firestorm

WHY DO PEOPLE HATE HIM? All he wanted was his father to notice him!

He just wanted attention from his dad but he never got it when he discovered the truth about the 3 he was furious in the battle his side lost he went on with life with half a heart -Oakblaze

Hii it's me again! The one that did Crowfeather! Breezepelt didn't do anything! He would be been just fine if Crowdung hadn't been such a fox-heart! He didn't DERSERVE a terrible cheating, code-breaking father as he was!

24 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw

He was awesome until his love left him. Bluestar should have given him a chance. Poor Thistleclaw.

Who the hell would attack a kit rather than an evil cat? Or order your apprentice to do so? Huh? -Firestorm

He was never good or misunderstood. He's just evil. He was evil before snowfur died. He taught Tigerstar to be bad which led to so many lives being lost

He never did anything that's actually bad. Sure he made Tigerstar kind of who he is, but that's just finger pointing. He was over confronting on border oatrols (MUDFUR). Mudfurs in star man and he was all thistleclaw was and more. Let's not forget about ash fur, who tried to kill fire stars daughter and 2/3 of the cats who saved all the clans. Thistleclaw was just mean spirited, and had a regard to thunderclap that he could protect it with tooth and claw. Out of all dark forest cats, this guy is the one who should be in starclan. Oh and did I mention how bluefur thought he was a threat before he did anything? She hated him for nothing. (Or because he was with her sister and she wa biased) Anyway, a cat who BROKE THE WARRIOR CODE is viewed as better than a cat who did nothing to break the rules WHATSOEVER.

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25 Ivypool Ivypool

She's one of my favorite cats. She's very misunderstood. Her sister made a bigger difference than her. Ivypool felt left out

Ivypool is misunderstood! So is Dovewing! These cats need more love! Dovewing was part of the prophecy and Ivypool helped as if her life depended on it, which, IT DID! - SeeU

I love her. She just didn't like the fact that her sister mattered more than her


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26 Redwillow
27 Breezepaw V 1 Comment
28 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

Um, yeah. Not talked about much until he trains Ivypool. Nobody really knows that much about him.

29 Blossomfall

Poor Blossomfall. It wasn't Briarlight's fault she was totally favoured, but Millie didn't care about Blossom at all. Blossomfall wanted to help her clan, but she thought joining the dark forest would make Millie love her and IT WASN'T HER FAULT.

30 Clawface V 3 Comments
31 Darkstripe

This cat was just trying to be as trustworthy and loyal to his best friend Tigerstar I know that he fed sorrelkit deathberries I have no idea why hedid that -Oakblaze

32 Swiftpaw

Why bluestar if you weren't one of my favorites I would kill you

He just wanted to be a warrior was that wrong the dog pack killed him bluestar could of had 1 more warrior not break ones heart-Oakblaze

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33 Star Flower

I haate this she-cat till the bone and soul! Poor Thunder! He lived her and guess what? She went for a grandpa, terrible, cheating, (3mates really? ) Grumpy, obsessed, addict, Fox-heart, rabbit-brain, and IDIOT, CLEAR SKY (pfft pfft aag I hate his name! ) DIE STAR, THUNDER LOVED U, YOU HEART-BREAKER!

She betrayed Thunder, but I feel like she was so scared of One-eye that she betrayed him. I hope Thunder forgives her in Forest Divided - Catsarah123

It's so messed up that she left Thunder to go have kits with his DAD

I can't beieve that she mated with Clear Sky. She is still Thunders otp

34 Tawnypelt V 1 Comment
35 Cinderpelt Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart.

Also gave up her dreams

36 Spiderleg

Spiderleg may be a bad father and all, but come on, he really cares! It's not like he's evil!

37 Dawnpelt
38 Snakepelt
39 Moorkit
40 Brightfire
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