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1 God

Yes God is real because if you went all the way back through how we were created it all points in his direction

Well as a Christian God is real. And I truly have faith in GOD.

Yes, he is real.

In My opinion god should be genderless if it exsist

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2 The Afterlife

Not everyone is a fundamentalist. I'm not even religious. But I think if there is a soul its our skin. I think its either reincarnation either a plant, creature imagine coming back as a fly or a human. Then ghosts. If there is a God its probably like some star.

You don't need to be a Jesus freak (End up in Hell for not reading the Bible 24/7). I mean some people believe in ghosts or reincarnation. But its something no one will ever know until they die.

Do you ever wonder when you doe where do you go n I believe that you go to afterlife

There's no evidence. - NotYoursTruly

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3 Bermuda Triangle

Actually, I think everyone knows what happened. There is this wave that is known as a Rogue wave, which can happen at any moment in bad weather conditions. That's why boat's and planes have gone missing. A rogue wave is like a quick tsunami which happens at any moment in bad weather.

Yes that MAY be true but Christopher Columbus sailed through the Bermuda triangle and said it was very foggy and he said all of a sudden a fireball came out of nowhere

You know what anyone here willing to fund a expedition there I want to figure this out I wonder if there is a place where you can wish for something and it comes true

Do you know that the shipwrecks in the Triangle are actually the same amount as the rest of the oceans? The only reason it's considered mysterious is because of popular beliefs.

I think this should be number one on the list!

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4 Black Holes

It's almost impossible to know what these are and what they do. I would suggest having experiments with humans effects on black holes.

I've heard that once you have entered a black hole you would stretch like spaghetti.

What lies on the other sides

5 Dark Energy
6 The Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is speel art, is life heart this is watching the Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa is rotate eyes left to right. Mona Lisa is watch complete world.

This is mysterious paint of Leonardo the Vinci. This woman of paint rotation his eyes and watch of woman Mona Lisa have everywhere round she paint.

It has a ufo too

7 Sea Monsters

we know more about outerspace than we do about the deep oceans. Who knows what lives down there, or how big they get. If the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit Mexico, there's no reason anything that lives at the bottom of the pacific or indian ocean wouldn't be shielded and survive. Interesting stuff! - VADERtheIMPALER

8 Holy Grail
9 Ghost

Ghost is not true but their is devil that we think it's ghost

Is the ghost is in India t

10 Werewolves

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11 Aliens V 1 Comment
12 Titanic

No it's not, many people know what happened to it. When the titanic hit the iceberg water started leaking into the poorly secured walls at the bottom, and it started working it's way up, Flooding the ship. Then the titanic broke in half and the water made it heavier, making it start to sink. There were many survivors but many people also died. The titanic was one of the biggest disasters, but definitely not one of the biggest mysteries.

Not a mystery, but I'll include a fun fact:

Did you know Milton S. Hershey (the guy who invented Hershey Chocolate) was going to go on board the Titanic? There was a problem at the Hershey factory, so he couldn't go on board, because he had to go to his factory. Heh, sometimes problems can be lifesavers!

It is the mysterious thing

What if the titanic never sank, but it only did because of time traveling 😲

13 U.F.O.'s

I think UFO is that real it's just something that scientist made to get attention

Werry long here past space his close civilisation. Spoke is civilisation big head and eyes, narrow body and purple head. Werry match books writing, is discover this civilisation.

U.F.O. is tall civilisation, his human and man have big purple head, big eyes and easy purple body, werry intellect space monsters.

U.F.O. May be Unoficial Flying Ornament of space. My comparison U.F.O. to start titule of serial Akta-X. In titule Akta-X the U.F.O. werry great demonstration his U.F.O. power.

14 Crystal Skulls

Need some information about them

15 Mars

There's life on Mars, recently found out last year.

We are going to live there soon n there is life on mars

16 Time Travel

We can certify time travel is not real, people from the future would have messed something up and been found in the past or our present. People say there would be chaos if it is invented but if it was to come around there would be current chaos.

Some say proof is in old photos/videos, for example the man who appears to be on a mobile phone in Charlie Chaplin, but he most likely was not, someone would have questioned it at the time.

There would have been prevention from certain disasters, if time travel was ever invented past present or future, it would be in existence until the end of (our) time. It would be used almost constantly and if it was there would be people traveling back to historical event such as the Liverpool Football disaster the prevent it, people from the past would be with is in huge amounts all the time, from the begining of time to the end people from another time would have became present, therefore it is almost impossible for nobody to have ever been ...more - DeadAsian

There are a lot of books that have time travel like the power of un or Jackie and more but yet people still have not found anything to prove that time travel can happen so it is a mystery to the world for now and maybe ever but we will know unless that day comes?

just imagine all the good and bad things that would happen if this comes true! - rock2metal

17 Number 13

The weirdest thing is, it happens every month. Some people are even born on that day.

What the crap why do stupid people think that the number 13 is weird its just a number you stupid people go back to school!

Number 13 comes from religious belief. When Jesus and his twelve apostles ( 13 people ) were at the last supper ( on a Friday ) one of the apostles ( Judas ) was a traitor. Since then is Friday the 13th or 13 only concidered as a day and a number of bad luck.

18 Chichen Itza
19 Stonehenge
20 Crop Circles

We do believe aliens make them but if scientists realise they are fake them who makes them? Dracula? Bigfoot?

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