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21 Dracula Dracula

Maybe Vampires, but there's nothing weird about a fictional character from a classic novel.

22 Dreams
23 Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is Number 1. The face has stayed on that piece of cloth for over two thousand years, and it was only sweat and blood! Can you mark your face on some piece of cloth, have it passed down through storm and age for millennia and still have the perfect imprint on it? No magician could do that! We have dozens of explanations for the Bermuda. But there's only one for the Shroud of Turin!

24 Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Surprised this isn't higher. Since it happened it has become the biggest mystery to mankind.

Guys I think aliens took it and killed all the people on the plane

The mysterious dissapearance of the most highly advanced aircraft in aviation history. Many theories but still no trace.

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25 Bigfoot

You might find him in the United
States of America, you might find
him in Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas,
heck you might find him any where!
Scientists need to look around texas
and find him!

There is no bigfoot! Rockstar has even said there is no bigfoot, and it is just a modification. So people please stop with this stupid rumor!

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26 Atlantis

This is the most mysterious place in the world only josh gates can find this place. This is the best place in th

27 Women
28 The Illuminati

So mysterious it's my conversation starter - TopTenListmaker

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29 Easter Island
30 Milk Miracle
31 Incorruptible Corpses
32 Brain

Very less is known about it

33 Yeti
34 Mermaids Mermaids A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish.

This list rocks! I really wish I had been to the Lost LandCity Of
Atlantis... Years of research, I tell you! I've been hearing lots of
Rumours about it... But that's not the point! Anyway, this list helps a lot on my school projects! Thanks a lot!

35 Psychics
36 Specter of Newby Church
37 The Argentina Gnome
38 Kappa
39 The Bloop
40 Ectoplasm
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