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21 Paracord

This should be higher on the list since it can do so many things

Defiantly a must. Ties down shelters, holds things together.

Strong rope that can be broken down to 6 strings what's not awesome about the almost as good as duct tape

Very important. If you need to use a finer set of cord/string, gut it and you have three extra strings.

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22 Shotgun

A shotgun a is a great weapon for hunting and defending your base from close range aggressors but if you're traveling the ammunition is heavy and bulky. Choose your weapons wisely.

Make sure it a single barrel break down type with one or two barrels.

23 Bow and Arrows

Ideal to kill game and other animals, nice and quiet. Can't beat a rat burger when the worlds gone to poo. Can reuse ammo again and again. Good zombie killer!

Both items can be made an their silent lightweight easy to shoot.

Jesus will everyone shut up about zombies..Bow is great for Silent kills and Reloading ammo

24 A Working Vehicle

If you had a working vehicle you'd never have to stay in one place and wait for your supplies to run out, you could just drive to the next place and raid it. - jeremystevenson

Good on gas. Good for sole survivor. Can easily shoot off of it. Quick escape

Weave through traffic when everyone is trying to leave town, walking dead pilot episode evryone dies in traffic

25 Lighter / Lighter Fluid

You would want a lighter pref a zippo so you can refill it and keep it on the go maybe cigarettes to trade with but why use flint if you have a lighter to start your fires

You need on for light and cooking your food

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26 Multi-tool

I never am without my leatherman multi-tool. It is clearly an essential tool for many different reasons.

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27 Camouflage

Obviously, when you need to hide, and its winter, are you going to wear a giant puffy coat? And huge windbreakers? No, right? So you wear camo!

Camouflage is a good thing to have when people are going to be looking for
Other people to steel from.
Plus camouflage will hide your camp and even your base camp so people can not fiend you.

28 Soap

Soap is great to prevent bacteria. Diarrhea is not fun in a survival situation.

You don't want to be stinky

Really? You don't want to be stinky? What if you were lost in the woods by yourself with no cell service. Would you still care how you smelled? Wow

In the end it's about survival, not how you smell or look. Yes, it would be nice to have soap, but it is irrelevant to survival.

This one is good choice

29 Fire Striker / Fire Steel

Matches can run out quickly, and when they are wet they no longer work. Flint and steel make sparks quickly as long as you have some dry twigs.

Since matches and BIC lighters are unreliable.

30 Shovel

If you are in snow you can dig a hole for shelter

Can use to dig, kill and cut in the wasteland. Both a killing and survival tool, who would'nt have this?

31 Pepper Spray

Good Defense against People and animals alike

32 Wire

Wire is good for snare making to capture small game like squirrel and rabbit that can be prepared for eating in many ways.

33 Rope

Come on guys... You can use ropes for traps, for creating a frame for shelter, tie things up, you can use rope for anything really. This is a MUST

The strongest rope in the world... Need I say more?

You can do anything with a rope... It should be # 1...

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34 Toilet Paper

One day your going to have to rebuild society, so stock pile on this, it's the currency of the future.

If your fighting zombies you need to wipe your butt in the end RIGHT?

The itch would drive you crazy without this!

You need help

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35 Alcohol for Trading

Yeah right for trading? Or more likely you could get totally wasted

Not only for trading either. It's a valuable addition to any first aid kit because it can be used as antiseptic. It's valuable and even when you run out, the bottle can be used as water storage or converted into a weapon. This honestly should be much higher on the list than it is.

This should be up there with first aid and water.

36 Compass

Of course a compass would be necessary. If you are lost you need to be able to know which correction to go. Yes, there are other ways to tell directions, but a compass would save you time.

If your travling, it would be nice to know in what direction your going.

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37 Handcrank Radio / Flashlight Combo

What's the good of surviving if you don't know where to go for help, or if another disaster is coming your way? The radio will help you stay attached to the rest of the world, especially if it's hand crank powered. It doesn't run on batteries, so it wouldn't die on you when you are trying to reach help.
If it is also a crank powered flashlight, that is even better! The light would be easily accessible instead of having to light a fire everywhere it's dark. Having it not run on batteries would make it perfect invade all the battery supplies ran out, or were used on other things.

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38 Canned Food V 1 Comment
39 Flashlight

Power is critical whether for medical, food security and prep, or lighting. Goal zero yeti 1250 solar generator can provide renewable power. It will even support a full sized refrigerator. Very nice item to have.

I would take a torch just in case you get lost in the dark, bur make sure you bring spare batteries

It can save your life while walking in the dark

In extreme situation, it is very likely you will have to walk trhough the night. Light is essential.

40 Handcrank Rechargable Flashlight

No need for batteries, will have an endless supply of energy

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