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41 Towel

You can do every thing with a towel. And it is the most important tool in hitch hikers guide to the galaxy.

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42 Seeds to Plant Crops

Buy heirloom vegetable seeds instead of hybrid seeds. You can save the seeds from heirloom plants for future plantings. However, seeds from hybrid plants will not come back true to type and may not even produce vegetables. There are many reliable sites on the internet. I suggest Baker Seed Company in Mansfield, MO. Reasonable prices and quick service.

This could be crucial, especially if you've established a life beyond the initial devastation.

Unstable or not, farming is truly the only solution. But what about pollination? What if the bees are dead, or worse, defective?

Sooner or later food will run low, grow your own and trade others for needed supplies.

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43 Machine Gun

Although a machine gun would be a great tool for fending off marauders and the occasional zombie, they give away your position and attract way more attention than needed, not to mention the 4 years needed to approve you and 10 years of military service needed just to be acknowledged to have one.

Who wouldn't want a machine gun. You could take out an entire zombie apocalypse with this bad boy.

Tell me one reason you would need a machine gun

Who needs a machine gun that just waist ammo

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44 Can Opener

The barefoot survivor (I forgot his name) teaches how to open cans without a can opener. Just rub the can on a flat cement surface (or Rock) for a short while and the glue that holds the lid on will heat up, and you can lift it off the can cylinder that holds your next meal. Also, the come on almost all boy-scout, Swiss army knives.

Why has nobody posted the only thing you can open canned food with without making a mess and spilling precious food.

45 SAS Survival Handbook

A lot of dumb asses, plus it has good tips

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46 Lock Pick Set

While it is good to have your own things to survive, eventually they run out or break, and when that happens there are going to be plenty of empty houses with plenty of things the former owners will no longer be needing. And since they're no longer around, it's as good as yours. And what will be of greatest aid to you in this? A lock pick.

This would be very handy in an urban environment where you need to access supplies that now one else has the tools to get at!

Really, please try to understand that society has collapsed, so break a window, kick in a door," lock pick" REaLLY!

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47 Swiss Knife

It is a knife with all kinds of stuff from tooth pick to can openers.

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48 A Crowbar

How did Gordon Freeman survive all the catastrophic things happen in his life

49 Magnifying Lens

Great for finding fleas (just kidding), actually great for starting a fire to cook food if one runs out of matches!

Good tool to see splinters; perhaps tweezers would also be important to include in a first-aid kit.

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50 Calpol
51 Small Metal Pot

How in the hell is this #34! Seriously? ?

Agree this should be in top 10 at least. Packpackers know what's needed.

52 Tarp or Shelter Making Kit

This should Number one one the list people! Sod water food and first aid, with out shelter you could die of exposure first!

53 Bible

I'm religious so this is my number 1 need (I'm SDA quit being Catholic, orders from God)

What ever you do you can only live some years.

54 Solar Blanket

Should be in the top 10 because hypothermia is the the 2nd worst thing that you can get will lost in the woods and you need to survive. It takes your body heat and channels it back to you making you and the blanket warm.

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55 Dog Dog The domestic dog is a wolf-like canid in the genus Canis, and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore.

For hunting, protection en warning

You have to feed 2

Warning or defense. Good at both.

56 Hair Ties

Laugh out loud come on girls, we need something to keep our hair out of our eyes while we shoot at the zombies.

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57 Newspaper

Well I need to read something! I just felt sorry for this one. Also where in the world is the chainsaw? You are gonna need one like Duh laugh out loud -glomps- hope this can make it to the top

Magnifying glass is no good without smaller tinder - Also good for insulation and bedding.

I agree... This item can be use for insulation.. I've try it and it kept me at 78 degrees in a 40 degrees temp.

58 Bleach Bleach

Bleach is good for disinfectant. add to water as well as purification

59 Grenades

Really, do I go to the 99 cent store for that.

60 CamelBak

Great if you need water on the run

Of course you need it

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