Top 10 Most Needed Survival Supplies

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61 Batteries

No one has mentioned these yet? And what needs batteries to work that you might need to see?

From AA, A to car batteries.
best commodity for trade. And hell lot of appliances need em.

62 Multi Use Footwear


63 Sleeping Bag

You need a good sleep, rather then sleeping on the ground

Some form of staying warm in the winter time as well

64 Plastic Sheet to Gather / Produce Water
65 Boat

Yes that would be a good idea if you need to leave the country fast... If notthing is running...

66 Bicycle

Everybody seems to have forgotten... Most elementary form of transport... Get a good dirt bike and your good to go anywhere and almost everywhere

This is a far superior mode of transportation than simply walking.

67 Walkie-Talkie

Communication is important duh

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68 Salt

Come on guys! Salt preserves food! The list should look like this:

69 Security Camera

These would only be helpful with a massive set-up or wireless live-feed contection to a laptop or tablet.

Just in case someone is about to come and kill you. - nd33

70 Chainsaw

Come on people, this can be used to cut trees down, hunt, kill and build shelter! Need this to survive.

I like chainsAws


71 Water V 1 Comment
72 Tank V 3 Comments
73 Small Pouch
74 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets & Hogwire

Good for planting tomatoes and having your vines grow up through the hogwire lining the bucket before adding soil. Planting vegetables in buckets also makes them mobile if needed.

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75 Hook, Line and Sinkers
76 Raincoat

Keeps you from getting sick and wet

77 Athletes Foot Cream

God, I suffer bad with this, couldn't concentrate on survival without.

You NEVER KNOW when you can get sore and full of pain. The world falling into savegery? Not to fear, you've got athletes foot cream so you can get the hell out of there. BAMCE. Who needs water, knives, whatever. With cream, you can eat it, drink it, sleep with it, oint your body up, wear it, make more things out of it, I don't know how you can live without it!

78 Survival Tabs

First made by NASA can live on just them and water for months

You'll need the space that large food takes up.

79 Mirror

A mirror is a very good attention drawer if used correctly. You can make a beam of reflected light viewable from the horizon. Hasn't anyone thought of leaving your state, returning home?

80 Axe

Manual tool needed for fire or to build shelter

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