Most Needed Supplies for World War 3

If we do have a World War 3, which we probably will, these are the supplie we will need. Please let e know of new items I should add. Thank You!

The Top Ten Most Needed Supplies for World War 3

1 Water

We would die without it.

Water is number one because you can live up to three weeks without food but only three days without water

Without Water, we will not survive. - Alpha101

2 Food

Same thing with water. - Alpha101

3 Shelter

If we were out in the woods we would be dead. - Alpha101

4 Gas Masks

A lot of factions we are currently facing has nuclear warheads. We will be protected with these. - Alpha101

It's not 1940's anymore. they won't throw gases - pouria_mt

5 Weapons

Not through political actions and majority decisions will the questions of our day be answered, but by cold hard iron, and spilled blood. What the lord giveth weapons taketh away.

Rules for a gunfight:
1) Bring a gun
2) Preferably bring at least two guns
3) Bring all your friends who have guns

6 Radios
7 Hiding Places
8 Relatives
9 Money
10 Books

The Bible, nothing else maters.

The Contenders

11 First Aid Kit

Without it it can mean life or death!

12 Clothes

When your clothes get best up you don't want tone running around and fighting naked would you?

13 Batteries

Urgent. - 0w0uwu

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