Most Offensive Top Ten Lists


The Top Ten

1 Most Hated Countries

I'm not even going to look at that list - Masterofal

2 Ten Worst Religions

I agree, it is insulting, especially if the religion you are in is on that list!

3 Worst European Countries to Live In

I was really mad at this list and at the person who made it. I was even more mad when my country, italy was at the top. Seriously. What's wrong with italy? I lived there and there was nothing wrong about it.

Offensive to SO many countries, well except for North Korea! (even through NK is Asian) - BorisRule

4 Top Ten Ways to Kill Justin Bieber

Everyone else likes it. Even PositronWildhawk does due to his extensive hate of him. There is also a remake for Nicki Minaj instead of Bieber and that one is also bad. - SelfDestruct

Any ways to kill lists are bad - BigBrotherSucks

5 Best Names for a Poop Rolling Beetle

The rolling beetle! Lmfao! Because The Rolling Stones the beetles it poops= rolling beetle! Lmfao! I'm a genius people! Laugh out loud

6 Worst Countries to Live In
7 Best Reasons to Hate Pokemon
8 Worst Asian Countries to Live In
9 Most Hated Asian Countries
10 Best Names for a Pet Alligator

The Contenders

11 Pornstars With the Nicest Breasts
12 Worst Bands
13 Best Names for a Pet Tiger
14 Best Names for a Pet Bird
15 Worst Actors
16 Best Death Metal Drummers
17 Top 10 Reasons Not To Be Gay/Lesbian

This list was cool just the dumb comments

18 Top 10 Coolest Bands
19 Reasons to Hate Christians
20 Celebrities Who Used to Look Good but Turned Ugly
21 Most Hated European Countries


22 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Autism
23 Ways to Kill Scarlett Johansson

The list makes my eyes burn!

24 Most Overrated Actors/Actresses
25 Things That Would Make School Awesome
26 Most Offensive Top Ten Lists

Weird! - BorisRule

27 Top Ten Worst Cartoons Ever

Avatar, Invader Zim, and Rugrats do not deserve to be on that list

28 Top Ten Places Bin Laden Could Be Hiding
29 Top Ten Reasons Why Anime Sucks
30 Top Ten Ways to Kill Nicki Minaj
31 Top 10 Most Hated Peoples by Countries
32 Top 10 Reasons Why The Doors are Better Than Pink Floyd

Biased and racist list that praised Americans and is offensive to every other country in the world. It was also Anti-Breast Cancer Awarness.

33 Top Ten Things That Should be Banned
34 Ugliest Female Celebrities
35 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Scarlett Johansson
36 Celebrity Good Girls Gone Bad
37 Top Ten Things that Make Britain Better Than America
38 Sluttiest Celebs
39 Celebrities that Shouldn't Be in Star Wars

The hurtful annoying comments make the list even worse than what it was! Plus some idiot added Scarlett Johansson, Keanu Reeves and other celebrities! As a huge fan of franchise myself, the list is enough to make you cringe and rage while you are scratching your head wondering what the hell is going on!

40 Worst States in the United States

Same thing as worst places to live in and my state is so high:( - Masterofal

41 Top Ten Fictional Characters that Should Befriend the Ugandan Knuckles
42 Reasons Kids Have It Worse Than Adults
43 Top Ten Reasons Muslims Should Discriminated
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