Most Outrageous Reality TV Shows

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1 Big Brother

Amazing show have watched since season one then survivor then amazing race

Love big brother it is amazing. Rachel is may favorite player ever. But Jeff And Jordan are by far the cutest showmance.

Very addicting and takes most of my summer! Brittney, Jordon, Jeff, Dan, Lane and Hayden are my favorites. Boogy is hard to even look at. The little elf needs to retire chill town and himself. Brittney had the greatest line. "Hello, Janelle?... " Jeff and Jordan showmance and Brittney's DR lines are my very favorite.

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2 Survivor

Gave up on Survivor after watching a season and a half. It was so fun to watch, but I try to be a good person. And this show just felt like a crime against humanity that I couldn't keep supporting. Lying and backstabbing are required in order to do well. People who seem like they could be nice in real life have no problem eliminating their best friend on the island if it's in their best interest. In the season I got halfway through, a guy got eliminated because he shook hands with the other team. The rest of his tribe couldn't stand that he was a good sport. Being nice gets you eliminated. It's just all so sickening. Like The Hunger Games for real.

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3 The Osbournes

The Prince of Darkness+a nuclear meltdown family=SUCCESS!

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4 Hell's Kitchen

Risotto, that's it... Just how much rissoto does Cheff Ramsey think AMerica will eat... EVERY season good golly - GarynKatie601

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5 Fear Factor

The other shows are fun to watch, but this show is the definition of outrageous. The stuff they do on this show is crazy awesome

6 Honey Boo Boo

THis show is a very condescending half hearted approach at makiong fun of white people and Southern society... THis and Cable guy dumbass is deep reflections of how to make fun of a cewrtain culture here in the states... It should really not be on the air... it absolutely shows no good value to it and makes a certain portion of society seem dumber and weaker... They should be ashamed! - GarynKatie601

These people are the funniest family ever! They are so, I don't know, everything but they have more fun. The Mom is so great and I love her laugh. Love the way she does not care about anything but having fun with her family.

7 Flavor of Love

ILL.....Flava Flav tongue kissing...I think I just vomit all over

8 Temptation Island
9 I Love New York
10 America's Next Top Model

Absolutely the most assinine show on T.V. these days... I just for the life of me have no idea why they continue with it, do you? - GarynKatie601

The Contenders

11 MasterChef
12 The Rock of Love
13 Next!
14 Charm School
15 Parental Controls
16 A Shot At Love
17 Basketball Wives
18 The Amazing Race
19 The Mole
20 Duck Dynasty V 1 Comment
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