What About Us: One of the most overplayed songs EVER

allamassal Hi! It's allamassal and in this post, I am again ranting about What About Us, but this time I will mainly focus on the unbelievable amount of overplay that song has received, which I'm sure surpasses songs like Despacito and Happy that are said to be the most overplayed songs ever, and is at least on par with Closer.

At first, I had no idea that one of the most overplayed songs of the century if not all time would have come from an okay Pink album. But, this song gained so much radio play that for a time, I couldn't leave the house without hearing it at least twice, and one day in November 2017, I heard it 4 times in like 15 minutes, 3 of those times being in the SAME 5 MINUTES (and all on different stations)!!! (I'm not even joking, this song was hogging at least 2 out of the 10 stations I listen to for ALMOST 9 MINUTES!) Even Despacito wasn't on that much. Did you know that I signed up for this site the next day?

Anyway, by December, the song had begun to wear out its welcome for me, and I remember still hearing this more than I ever remember hearing Despacito and wanting the car to be swerved off the road more and more with each time. One day near the end of December, I went on another car ride, and this song came on 2 different stations in about 5 minutes, and *a little* later, I was listening to yet another station, and guess what song came on? If you guessed What About Us, then CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'RE RIGHT! That was when the song really started to get on my nerves.

I hoped they would play it less in the new year, but oh boy was I wrong. One day in mid-late January, I heard this song 3 times, twice within the same car ride. And there was one day in February when this song was on 2 stations at once, and then came on a 3rd time later on one of those stations. Around the beginning of March, I was so sick and tired of this song that I started avoiding the "variety" stations. But one day when I decided to listen to those stations, I heard this song before the end of the car ride. Yes, that's how much they still played this song. I couldn't listen to a variety station at all pretty much without running into this song within 15 minutes.

After that, there have still been times when I heard this song twice in one day (one day at the end of June, I heard this song twice in 10 MINUTES!), the most recent being just 2 days ago (I'm writing this on October 1, 2018). It's been nearly 14 MONTHS since this song was released, and yet it still plays every couple hours on the radio. This song's radio longevity is at least triple that of Despacito. Congratulations, Pink, on beating Happy, Shape of You, and Despacito!

With the amount of radio play this song gained, you'd think it was #1 on the Billboard chart for like 10 weeks, right? WRONG! This song didn't even make the top 10 on the Hot 100, which makes it even more incredible! All I can say is, wow, just wow.

And that's allamassal, signing out. (no, not literally, that's just my new post outro)


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